Thursday, July 17, 2008


Is it just me, or are those the most 'horrible' stickers to ever have been created for Sales??? Usually found at a sale FULL of 'new' stuff, on the ONE item I am interested in!! I refuse. I just plain refuse! I will ask them what they want for 'it', if they say "Make an offer", I will just shrug and walk away. I WON'T play that game! I hate to insult them by offering what 'I' am generally willing to pay, but I'm also NOT going to give them a high amount when they don't even have the %@!!$ to put a price on it!!Such was the case with this sweet old 'Pirate's Chest' toy box! Found at a sale in a newer housing complex, this was the only item there that pre-dated 1985... 'MAKE OFFER'. "How much do you want for the trunk?" "Oh, I don't know, what do you want to pay for it?" ~now THAT is an open ended question that is better left unanswered!! ... I shrugged and turned away. The seller then YELLED to her husband inside the house "Honey, how much do you want for that old trunk you had in the shed??" The husband "A buck... fifty cents... a quarter... I REALLY don't care!" the seller then looked at me "Is a dollar okay?". Well, you know the story from there!

It's pretty worn, but the graphics are SOO darn cute!! Look at that face on 'The Moon'!!

A few other 'finds' included...

~an adorable 'Mexico' themed vintage table cloth - a couple of small holes, but that just makes it all the easier to serve Margaritas on and not worry about! (.25¢)

~a tiki mug - I think the porch may have a Hawaiian theme next summer (.25¢) and an enamel MacKenzie Childs cup (resell - their enamelware doesn't do much for me.)


(the Grand Finale you've all been waiting for - ha,ha)

~another different Sweater Clip!! Found in a bag of junk jewelry. The bag also had a 'ROLEX' watch - it MUST be real... Right?! Right?! (ha,ha).

Now, I'm off to the garden. Until next time...


Shara said...

Love that toy chest. What a great coffee table or accent table. Love it!

I've started asking people at sales if they have any sweater clips and they say, "A what?" I am amazed you find so many. Maybe it's because you are in a cooler climate, I dunno.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I'm with you on the make an offer sticker. Ranks right up there with people who don't put tags on half their stuff and then decide when they see somebody pick it up what they want to charge. But love the chest! Glad you got it cheap!

woof nanny said...

I love the chest too, as is. I agree it would make a cute table. So shabby chic!

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

Oh how I love that chest! Too cute! As far as the cart goes...line away, just share a picture! Nice to see your blog!