Friday, October 24, 2014


Some like to refer to 2yr olds as 'TERRIBLE', I personally adore this age!!  (maybe it's because I'm not The Mom??)
Well, we have the SWEETEST little one living next door to us, who will be TWO on 10/30
(OH, SOOOOO close to my Favorite Holiday!!)
J & I wanted to give her something little for her birthday - BUT, What do you give the little girl who has EVERYTHING???
How about her 'very own' special mini Plarn 'Trick-or-Treat' bag?!!
...after, it can tote her books to/fro the Library (yes, Thank goodness her Mom takes her there!!) or she can tote her own soggy swimsuit in the Summer!!

When I finished that up, I was in the 'Plarn-swing-of-things', so I finished up the 'body' of a bag I had started for myself ages ago!  BUT, I decided I wanted to try something different for a 'handle'..

So, I went to my personal 'Library', and did a refresher course on a skill that I hadn't tried since 3rd grade Art Class in elementary school.  Well, let me tell you - I give that Teacher a LOT of credit, she MUST have had the patience of a Saint to teach a bunch of 8yr olds this 1970's Craft!!!

Maybe it's using 'plarn' instead of cording, but this whole process is a LOT more time consuming than I remember.... I'm not real sure the 'look' is exactly what I was after, but I guess it's not 'Terrible', so I think I'll continue - and, just a couple of more evenings and MY bag should be completed! ((FINALLY))

NOW, I'm off to do some prep for a weekend of celebrating '#13' with J !

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Shara said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! At my new booth, there is a rack of plarn bags by the door to use as shopping bags. I always, always think of YOU when I see them!