Thursday, October 9, 2014

...'if these sands could talk!'

I 'needed' a little 'therapy' on Tuesday, so I made a jaunt to one of my favorite thrifts.  I soon found that I just.wasn' (!??!)
I decided to take advantage of the sunny afternoon, and try another form of 'therapy' ~
I headed to 'my' seaglass beach...
 Now, mind you, 'my' seaglassing spot isn't really a beach, per se'.  It is merely a small strip of land on the North Shore of one of the larger Finger Lakes with water access.  It's on the edge of a park, between piers and boat launches.  You have to climb through over growth, to find the 5'-10' x 100' strip of heavily littered and neglected area of 'sandy beach' adjacent to the water's edge.

You can imagine my 'disappointment' when I arrived, and found two older women already 'combing' 'MY' beach!  In good seaglassing form, I started my search on the opposite end from where these women were.  I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to find that it was a 'stellar' day for seaglass though!  BIG WAVES were bringing in new specimens as I watched, and 'dove' for them before the waves carried them back out.

As my path crossed with the two women, I chatted with one of them (the other was clearly Disgusted that I was there!).  In usual 'beach combing' form, the woman eyed my quart size ziploc, and asked what I was looking for...  I told her 'Whatever catches my eye!'.  It was then that I glanced toward the LARGE grocery bag she was rapidly filling.  She closed it abruptly and stated "Oh, that's my bra, I had to take it off because it was bothering me and my boob kept falling out"
OH MY!!  T.M.I !!!

 My afternoon of soaking up a few 'rays',  yielded 'the most' seaglass I have EVER gotten in one quest, an 'interesting' encounter, and proper 'therapy'!
Now, if somebody would just explain 'The Gold Horse' that I found...  or maybe not.  I'm quickly learning that some stories are best left untold!!


Shara said...

This sounds like just what the doctor ordered. A perfect day outside doing what you LOVE! I will go seaglass hinting someday - I WILL! I want to go to Dead Horse bay SO VERY BAD too. And the Lego Beach - do you know about that one?

As for the horse - who knows? But it is GREAT!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would love to someday find a sea glass beach to pick!! Love all your finds and the horse, well you can make up any story you want too...let your imagination soar!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I think finding a seaglass beach like yours is on my bucket list. What treasures!! The purples are my favorite!