Monday, October 6, 2014

...making the MOST of it!

Fall has ARRIVED,

and we have been taking advantage of the 'INDIAN SUMMER' that we had last week...

J & I have been hitting the garage workbench to do a few 'last minutes' before the COLD sets in.

We've been drilling seaglass and beach bricks, to stock up for future projects...

and even bringing the Food Processor 'out-of-doors' to whip up a batch of totally 'toxic' HORSERADISH!! 
Now that the holes are drilled, some new projects are on the horizon...

Wire-wrap PUMPKIN Pendants for a start!

saling has been on OVERLOAD lately - as a bonus of the local Nursing Homes and Churches getting in on the FALL-CRAZE, with their annual Bazaars & Rummage sales (7 this past weekend alone!!)
Vintage and Craft Supplies to hold me over 'til SPRING!!

**NO WORRY! I'm not getting in OVER my head with Crocheting!!  Friends have a Full-Time business reselling CROCHET PATTERNS (whodda thunk it?!), so I pick them up for them whenever I find them 'on the cheap'! ~ This weekend was VERY Lucrative!!
Some of my purchases put me into the 'travelling frame of mind'...

SCARED?!  Yes, I would be WELL-prepared for any UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY invites that may come my way, but hopefully they will ReSell!!

The weekend ended with the spotting of a BEAUTIFUL 'Full' Rainbow ~ hope this is a sign of good things to come!!

OH! I almost forgot two of my favorite 'acquisitions' of the weekend... 2014 Royal Haeger #2 and VERA #7


Cheapchick said...

Wow, great haul! I am looking forward to some church bazaars, been a little quiet lately and only have to rely on my thrifts lately. I did spot one has started a Christmas corner although no vintage yet.

Shara said...

October 6th and this is only your second piece of Haeger? That must be because you already have so much and you only find new ones now. That's how my pottery collection is now too. Last weekend was HUGE for yard sales and I didn't get to go to any since I was at The Junk Ranch. You always find the best useful stuff. :) I'm thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts.