Monday, March 17, 2014

...BOOZIN' ~ or~ BOSSON it up for ST. PATTY!



Here is a Fair-Play to 'The Boys' ~ after showing 'The Ladies' closet collection in my life, I thought it only fair to show my closet collection of these fine seafaring Bruts! 

 I'm not sure if they are all the collectible BOSSONS ~ Made in England, but they do fit in with my Nautical love!

"and Maybe he don't dress fine"
"but I don't really mind"
As with 'The Ladies', they are weathered and scruffy - rather handsome on a Pirate though - EH?!

What is any good journey without a Captain?

Now, go BE SAFE on ST PATTY's DAY!!!


Cheapchick said...

Hm, do you have a thing for bad boy sailors :)

Shara said...

Those are another great closet collection! My neighbor had a bunch of those on her walls and they creeped me out. But, she had them hanging really low behind the couch so it looked like a bunch of peeping Toms. I like yours - they have personality!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

My MIL has a whole wall full of those faces and I suspect they're the real thing since they were stationed in England for a few years. I have to admit that I find them to be pretty darn ugly and if I were a kid growing up with those in my house I would have found them CREEPY!

Robin K. said...

Not sure what it says about me but I actually find "the boys" to be less creepy than the hair receivers! They make me want to talk like a pirate- Heh! Heh!

Jay said...

Good to see you're still up to your same tricks :)
Love it.