Wednesday, March 12, 2014

...HEAD games!

SHOES without socks!
Light Jackets
Younger Generation in SHORTS
(obviously I wasn't part of this!!)
=50° in the SPRING in Central NEW YORK!!
It put me in the mood to do a little SPRING decorating, and I gathered another tiny 'closet collection' of LADY HEAD VASES.  (You may have noticed one in my last post, that I had put some leftover flowers from My V-day bouquet...  I gathered her Sisters to join her!!)

**Yes, 'The Girls' are all 'Less-than-Perfect' w/ their cracks, flaking cold paint, chipped lashes, missing gems - but hey, aren't we all?!  Besides, that was how I was able to get them 'on-the-cheap'!!  Strategically placed flowers do WONDERS for broken fingers!

The time change even allowed J & I a leisurely trip to our favorite seaglass beach along the shores of the FingerLakes to see what this looonngg Winter had produced!!

Winter storm advisory!
Schools Closed!
Wednesday Low Temp: 16°
Thursday Low Temp: 3°

**80's quiz: Name the ARTIST: 
Head games, and I can't take it anymore
Head games, I don't wanna play the...
Head games

Who Knows.
There may even be a 'prize'.
It may be a BIG-FAT-COOLER of SNOW
a 'prize'
just the same ;-)

In the words of Don Henley:Nobody on the road
Nobody on the beach
 I feel it in the air
 The summer's out of reach

Empty lake,
 empty streets
The sun goes down alone
OH, Mother Nature, you DO have a cruel, cruel sense of humor!!
Do you think the dried sage that I put in Miss Turq's bonnet will help the situation??


Shara said...

The last two days have been crazy weather everywhere. It was nearly 80 yesterday (too early for THAT) and today it is 40. But, it is very very windy so it feels a bit colder. Should be in the 60's on Friday.

I have one head vase and guess what - IT'S A CLOWN. Aiieee!! But, my Daddy sent flowers to ME when I was born and it came in that clown head. So, it is very vintage.

I won't guess so someone else can get the "Cold As Ice" cooler full of snow - but I saw them in concert in the 80's! :)

Robin K. said...

Ok- I like the closet collection of lady head vases MUCH better than the hair receivers- maybe because I can relate to their flaws:). This weather is ridiculous- looks like breakfast at Connie's will have to be next week! The only positive is getting to leave work early today! PS. Go Foreigner!!!!

EM said...

That would of course be Foreigner. Thankfully, we did not get the snow part here, just cold rain and blowy strong winds.

Rob and Monica said...

You have quite the collection of lady head vases! We can sympathize with the Spring teasers. We were getting the same weather pattern in downstate New York, even getting 5 inches of snow on March 31st! It looks like Spring is finally coing now! (Rob)