Friday, February 28, 2014


Oh, my POOR 'NEWBIE'...

I think I may have led her astray this time folks!
HAEGER 2014 #1 ($1.50... after tacky dried flowers were removed!!)

Let me begin again...
COLD, LONG WINTERS begin to call for DESPERATE measures here in the NE!!  When I propositioned a friend and asked her if she would like to join me in my weekly 'STUFF RUN' (okay... yes I did dangle a coffee/chai stop in there too!), she agreed.  I don't think she had ever been to a Thrift before, but what a day we had!! 
I lost count as to how many we went to ~ SIX maybe??  She was SUCH A GOOD SPORT!  I spotted the seductive dripped glazed Haeger vase in the window of a Shop we had JUST LEFT...  I said, " WAIT! We MUST go back in!

     Still not a 'ton-o-good-stuff' to be had at the shops, but I guess that is just as well.  I did find a few goodies though...
Soldering Iron (For Dad's Collection!) $1, Cording for seaglass pendant necklaces $1, Compact (My collection) $1, Vintage enamel pin .80¢, Funky earrings .80¢


in the sweater Clip Category!!!
'Commisioned' Pedestal for a Friend is almost complete.
We have FINALLY found the pieces/combination that she likes, now I just have to assemble.

Soldering practice continues ((sigh.))
I dream up ideas, but somehow they still don't come out at I envision.
This was an 'Attempt' at combining wire-wrap and solding. ((Sigh))
'Bejeweled' (with Real SeaGlass) vintage sweater clip.  'N' who was helping me with soldering was really 'interested' in my sweater clip collection.  I have heard that she went to an antique store and was VERY Excited to have found and purchased one for herself since I saw her.  She is also into seaglass.  I'm sending this to her as a 'THANK YOU' for her time. 
(maybe this is Good Karma, and why 3 found their way to me??  Do you think??) 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You do find the best things and the sweater clips, awesome!

Rob and Monica said...

It looks like you had a fun and productive day and you got your friend hooked! I don't think you'll need to dangle chai in front of her to get her to go with you again!!! (Rob)

Shara said...

I like your little sailboat necklace - I think it looks great!

I found a beautiful piece of Haeger at the thrift the other day- it was blue and chock full of a hideous silk flower arrangement. I left it behind but have checked on it every week. it finally sold, so I hope it went to a good home that pulled out those flowers! (It was a shiny glaze and I like the matte glaze)