Friday, February 21, 2014

...Arlington BATH FASHIONS anyone??

It's all a waiting game this time of the year here in the NE 
~ one day it is FRIGID with crystal clear sub-zero temps, the next the temp is up to a balmy 20° but we are getting snow up to our shoulders; then the thaw sets in for a few days with 40° daytime temps that gets the snow down to manageable levels ~ BUT the flooding worries set in
They say we may reach 50° today?!!
Our Hydrangea thinks so!   She has been pretty sparse all Winter, and is finally getting a fresh coating of leaves!

As for 'stuff'...
The Thrifting is still mighty sparse!  I did have a 'small find' with these GUESS wallets the other day.  Anybody ever try reselling Wallets like this?
With saling being so slow... I have actually resorted to doing some 'de-stashing of the attic hoard' ((Gasp!))...
 and we recently listed this Great New-Old-Stock MidCentury Bath Curtain that I had picked up last Fall at a Church Rummage Sale  ~ Gotta Love it!!!

The 'GIRL's DUKE vs SU afternoon Tea' resulted in my introduction to somebody who has been doing stained-glass soldering for years.  She ('N'), was gracious enough to come over for a couple of hours and give me some pointers~tips~tricks.  HOPEFULLY now I'm on my way?!??
OH, it's all good in my head. 


Shara said...

Your table looks all happy with your seaglass. Soldering is on my crafting "bucket list". Someday, someday......

I have been going through my bins of junk looking for things to sell too. Our biggest best thrift has made a bunch of changes and it BLOWS. No inventory on the shelves makes it hard to find anything good at all. BOO!

Robin K. said...

Me thinks I see the makings for a cool bracelet:)