Sunday, March 31, 2013

...People are talking...

I was raised in a TINY town, so I'm used to everyBODY knowing everyTHING about everyONE.   This used to Really bother me, and I couldn't wait to escape!   Now that I live in a mid-size city, 100 miles away from where I grew up, it is rather comforting to have a circle of friends surrounding me...

VERA 2013 #5

 ...and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly word spreads when I'm working on a new 'S~ Project', and supplies come pouring in from far and wide!!

VERA 2013 #6
 First it was my 'Plarn crochet', then the 'Cork Display Board', and most recently the 'Bottle Cap' jewelry.

VERA 2013 #7
I never know what I will find a bag of on my back porch ~ that somebody has dropped off while I was away  ...a bag of plastic grocery bags, ...a bag of corks, ...a bag of metal bottle caps...  You JUST.NEVER.KNOW what may be tied to our back door knob or tuck strategically under the edge of the door mat, just waiting to be found, upon our return!!

VERA 2013 #8
 I have kind of become the 'home for the wayward stuff that people hate to toss..'
VERA 2013 #9
The other day a sweet soul did hand me an unassuming bag filled with these...
B-) ! 
Sweater Clip 2013 #7

Another day I was gifted with this...


Monday, March 25, 2013

...cup of 'treasures'

The only interesting looking sale advertised for Friday was a 'Rummage Sale' at a closed Catholic School, in which the building needed to be emptied. Hmmm... the possibilities, to say the least!!
 Arrived just before the doors opened.  No idea what to expect, but with the snow coming down outside, I was happy with 'any port of thrift in a storm'!

A bit disappointed that only the first two room on the first floor and the Library on the second floor were open for the sale.  Was hoping to get to see more of the old 1940's style building.  After all, isn't that half of fun of going to 'estate-type' sales? - checking out the building/house?  Or is that just the designer in Me coming out?
 The first room I went into was mostly office-type, clerical supplies: teacher's desktop tape dispensers, metal/wood file boxes, rulers, yardsticks, staplers, paper clips, envelopes, wheeled carts, cardboard storage boxes, etc., etc...  
I did grab quite a few things in Room #1 for packing & shipping. I mean how can you pass up LARGE padded envelopes at a dime a piece? A box of 100 ct 6"x9" envelopes for .50¢?!
 The hallways were loaded with the old wooden desks and chairs.  I REALLY tried to behave, but there was (1) sweet little oak desk/table ~ about 36" x 18" w/ a pullout writing tablet and small drawer that I just couldn't leave without.  Perfect size for a Sofa Table, or maybe just a nice thin studio table (sorry no photo right now...)

Then. The other Room. Was all of the art supplies. Pottery clay. Tools. Glitter. Knives. Dyes. You name it. It was in here. I was on SERIOUS OVERLOAD!

I walked out with...


ONE Coffee MUG Full of enameled copper bits and pieces.
You know the stuff I'm talking about, right? A lot of mid-century jewelry was made out of it... pendants for necklaces, cuff-linked bracelets...   THIS was a whole cup of what I assume was 'test' pieces or 'unclaimed' artwork - but I have had SO. MUCH. FUN. going through this Cup!!!  Many pieces are ready to be made into pendants, earrings, pins, etc.
COST: .25¢
And now, my fellow 'peeps', I am off to go lunch with some of my Gal Pals, and for dessert...

Sunflower Brownie ala Pinterest... (have I ever said before what a 'bad, bad thing PINTEREST is?!?)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013's SPRING!

Here is a glimpse at what I 'hope' to be the ending of some of my recent 'WINTER' projects... Maybe someday soon I will be back out to the gardens (?!)
'SUNFLOWER' ~ Petite Pedestal ~ Wouldn't it be FANTASTIC at a brunch, Full of BIG, LUSCIOUS, RED STRAWBERRIES - each in their own mini cupcake paper??  (sorry, my mind really is in the garden today...)

Another 'UPSIDES' Petite - this one has a special twist.  It is part of what I am calling the 'NORTH SHORE' series.  Encased between the pieces of glass are bits of sea glass from one of the local FingerLakes! (yes, more dreaming of warmer days and my toes in the sand...)

This past Thursday I had Part II of The MakeShift Series of classes that I am taking from the creative Betsy of EAST STREET PINS, and I just realized that I have yet to post ANY of my finished 'creations'.  Keep in mind, it is just a 2hr session, and we ARE learning new techniques with unfamiliar materials - so it is hard to truly get creative - so cut me some slack... okay??  
CLASS I / Part I - (ice epoxy filled Bottle Caps) Pendant grape cluster; Magnet spider; Pin seaglass w/ fishy background

CLASS I / Part II -  Using a 'DAP' we pounded out bottle caps to form earrings

CLASS II- Oh, this is a SAD, SAD, PATHETIC version of a bead necklace!  We cut tin, we pounded with the DAP, we exchanged stories - learned a lot - Thank goodness, because my final project is mighty lame!  You must go to EAST STREET TIN BEAD NECKLACE to see what these beads truly look like in their true Glory!! 8-). 
I 'HAD' to go to one of 'those crafty-type stores' to pick up some jump rings to work on my Button Bracelets, and since I had a 50% off coupon I decided to check out their 'DAP Blocks'... just for the heck of it.  So in case any of you were wondering what I've been talking about  with all of this 'DAPPING' stuff ~ now you know! 
 So, now that I have the jump rings...

 I have ONE (1!) completed bracelet for SPRING STYLIN' in coral-red-white!!
(HEY- Those 'Petite-Pedestals' are kinda nice for photo shoots too!)
Now, onto some other UNFINISHED business - the REALLY.FUN.STUFF!!
(yes, you read that right - that IS PLURAL - there was not just one Rummage sale in MY WORLD, but TWO - OH.HAPPY.DAY!!)


TONS of PEDESTALS for UPSIDES DOWN - even a few Large Cakeplates!!

misc. goodies for resale - Liz Claiborne wallet, Los Angeles Pottery, OOPS Again Pyramid, New York bag, Dish drying rack, STARBUCKS mug, Retro case
Lot of ornies for future wreaths - All for $1. (despite old price stickers!!)
Just FUN to be Out on The hunt again!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


YES, please!
(do you think that it will happen over night?)

Monday, March 18, 2013

...falling back in love.

Just when you think all of the magic is gone... reappears in the most unsuspecting form!
 I had thought my PASSION for HAEGER gone.  I know. I know.  Say it's not so.  It's been dieing slowly for a while now, but I thought the last ambers had finally been extinguished.  Then J shoved this little $1 Haeger planter into my hands at The Market a week ago, and told me I needed to go pay for it.  You see we go our separate ways at Market, and upon meeting back up, he had just finished jostling his way into a 'crazy table' to get this piece for me (he won't admit my passion for Haeger is gone...).  While doing this, he had spilled his hot coffee down the front of his pants and needed to go 'make himself presentable' (bite your lip S, try not to laugh audibly, he was doing this for you...).  Now, do you understand why this piece HAD to come home with me?  Even though I was darn sure it was a duplicate of a piece that currently sat in our collection?
 Plus, it looked like it would be an 'upgrade', with both it's bottom stamp
and it's gold foil sticker in place!

 Upon comparison, there was NO COMPARISON! They were completely different!  What gives? Did HAEGER make 2 different models? Our original Horse was unsigned. Was I mistaken by it's identity?  I-MUST-FIND-OUT!

 Page-by-Page I searched, falling in love all over again with all of the years of HAEGER designers... Brastoff, Hickmann, Sebastiano, Fulper... the glazes, the studio pieces, the lines, the colors...
I spent several nights going through those F.I.V.E. books - not a page left unturned!  The only reference I could find to the rocking horse planter, was in a 1959 sales advertisement for a 'WALL POCKET' in yellow.  NO freestanding figural planter... hmph.   I have decided that 'The Original' is going to be set free (more than likely a McCoy or Shawnee), but my NEW LOVE is a keeper - for a while anyways ;-)

Friday, March 15, 2013


   Not much I can do about the first two (Well, J DID offer to 'zap' some sand in the microwave for me... ~ always the thoughtful guy!), so I did head to the attic studio in hopes of finding some 'inspiration'.
   As I looked around I Just.Shook.My.Head .   I could easily decorate any small, 'theme' cafe or restaurant, just from the confines of my studio (ie: Mexican, Western-Southwest, Oriental, Italian, Pacific/Hawaiian...).  Wall hangings, lighting, fabrics, table accents, maybe even dress their staff - oh yeh, I could do them up Proud.  OH, this is JUST.SO.WRONG!
   I decided for my Spring Vignette I would do a 'nod' to Hawaii.  To decorate for St. Pat's would be too short lived, Easter is a 'Not Holiday' in my book, I need some BRIGHT COLOR, so Polynesian it was - perfect Mid Century!  So I gathered a box-o-STUFF, a pile-o-clothes &  some fabrics and headed back to the warmth the main house...
 Now, you 'may' (or may not) be scratching your head, wondering WHY I have all of this TIKI - POLYNESIAN Kitsch just randomly floating around my Attic Studio.  The answer: Good question!  I guess I have always been rather fascinated by this whole MidCentury phenomena, and have just picked pieces up randomly as I find them.   
 We have never been to Hawaii.  I guess it is on our 'bucket list' for someday.  Not real high on the list, but one of those places that we think we 'should' visit.  For now I am just intrigued by the history.
 Actually, the REAL INSPIRATION in all of this is that once I gathered it all together, cleaned it, admired it and accessed it I decided it was time to P.U.R.G.E. all but a few of my favorites 8-) !!
 The Mermaids are definitely keepers!
As is this funny little guy!!
Wouldn't you know it the next time we went out saling, the first thing we found was this...
It's okay though, because they made it directly to our ETSY shop without passing through the studio!!
This coming Saturday (TOMORROW - YEH!!) is opening day for my RUMMAGE SALE SEASON.  Very excited as things have been pretty boring...
Only a few small finds of late ~

Sweater Clips 2013 #3,4,5 & 6 - all duplicates 8-(
Large Copper & Silvertone Brooch $1

HAEGER 2013 #1  duplicate 8-(

Retro Enamel Flower Power EARRINGS!!!
If these earrings don't SCREAM SPRING, I don't exactly know what does!
(...maybe all I REALLY 'NEED' is a Mai Tai or TWO!!)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


this lovely 'girl' had her debut.

49 years later 'she' had some 'nips-n-tucks', you know, 'minor' cosmetic surgery ~ but still every bit as lovely as the day she was first brought home 8-) !
Yes.  This dear family gown that started TWO WONDERFUL marriages, is celebrating her 60th BIRTHDAY today!
More importantly...