Monday, March 25, 2013

...cup of 'treasures'

The only interesting looking sale advertised for Friday was a 'Rummage Sale' at a closed Catholic School, in which the building needed to be emptied. Hmmm... the possibilities, to say the least!!
 Arrived just before the doors opened.  No idea what to expect, but with the snow coming down outside, I was happy with 'any port of thrift in a storm'!

A bit disappointed that only the first two room on the first floor and the Library on the second floor were open for the sale.  Was hoping to get to see more of the old 1940's style building.  After all, isn't that half of fun of going to 'estate-type' sales? - checking out the building/house?  Or is that just the designer in Me coming out?
 The first room I went into was mostly office-type, clerical supplies: teacher's desktop tape dispensers, metal/wood file boxes, rulers, yardsticks, staplers, paper clips, envelopes, wheeled carts, cardboard storage boxes, etc., etc...  
I did grab quite a few things in Room #1 for packing & shipping. I mean how can you pass up LARGE padded envelopes at a dime a piece? A box of 100 ct 6"x9" envelopes for .50¢?!
 The hallways were loaded with the old wooden desks and chairs.  I REALLY tried to behave, but there was (1) sweet little oak desk/table ~ about 36" x 18" w/ a pullout writing tablet and small drawer that I just couldn't leave without.  Perfect size for a Sofa Table, or maybe just a nice thin studio table (sorry no photo right now...)

Then. The other Room. Was all of the art supplies. Pottery clay. Tools. Glitter. Knives. Dyes. You name it. It was in here. I was on SERIOUS OVERLOAD!

I walked out with...


ONE Coffee MUG Full of enameled copper bits and pieces.
You know the stuff I'm talking about, right? A lot of mid-century jewelry was made out of it... pendants for necklaces, cuff-linked bracelets...   THIS was a whole cup of what I assume was 'test' pieces or 'unclaimed' artwork - but I have had SO. MUCH. FUN. going through this Cup!!!  Many pieces are ready to be made into pendants, earrings, pins, etc.
COST: .25¢
And now, my fellow 'peeps', I am off to go lunch with some of my Gal Pals, and for dessert...

Sunflower Brownie ala Pinterest... (have I ever said before what a 'bad, bad thing PINTEREST is?!?)


grunge-queen said...

Sue, I would have been thrilled with all those **kewl** enamel bits too, even though I am not crafty at all! Looking forward to seeing what you create with them! And thanks for the oh so sweet comment on my blog! Xo

Shara said...

I think I have some of those enamel pieces around here too. I know you will have fun with them. Cannot wait to read your guest blogger on tree pruners and hand pruners. :D