Monday, March 18, 2013

...falling back in love.

Just when you think all of the magic is gone... reappears in the most unsuspecting form!
 I had thought my PASSION for HAEGER gone.  I know. I know.  Say it's not so.  It's been dieing slowly for a while now, but I thought the last ambers had finally been extinguished.  Then J shoved this little $1 Haeger planter into my hands at The Market a week ago, and told me I needed to go pay for it.  You see we go our separate ways at Market, and upon meeting back up, he had just finished jostling his way into a 'crazy table' to get this piece for me (he won't admit my passion for Haeger is gone...).  While doing this, he had spilled his hot coffee down the front of his pants and needed to go 'make himself presentable' (bite your lip S, try not to laugh audibly, he was doing this for you...).  Now, do you understand why this piece HAD to come home with me?  Even though I was darn sure it was a duplicate of a piece that currently sat in our collection?
 Plus, it looked like it would be an 'upgrade', with both it's bottom stamp
and it's gold foil sticker in place!

 Upon comparison, there was NO COMPARISON! They were completely different!  What gives? Did HAEGER make 2 different models? Our original Horse was unsigned. Was I mistaken by it's identity?  I-MUST-FIND-OUT!

 Page-by-Page I searched, falling in love all over again with all of the years of HAEGER designers... Brastoff, Hickmann, Sebastiano, Fulper... the glazes, the studio pieces, the lines, the colors...
I spent several nights going through those F.I.V.E. books - not a page left unturned!  The only reference I could find to the rocking horse planter, was in a 1959 sales advertisement for a 'WALL POCKET' in yellow.  NO freestanding figural planter... hmph.   I have decided that 'The Original' is going to be set free (more than likely a McCoy or Shawnee), but my NEW LOVE is a keeper - for a while anyways ;-)

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

My love for pottery is never ending it seems. Not just one maker but all of them so far! I love both of your darling little rocking horses!
hugs, Linda