Wednesday, March 20, 2013's SPRING!

Here is a glimpse at what I 'hope' to be the ending of some of my recent 'WINTER' projects... Maybe someday soon I will be back out to the gardens (?!)
'SUNFLOWER' ~ Petite Pedestal ~ Wouldn't it be FANTASTIC at a brunch, Full of BIG, LUSCIOUS, RED STRAWBERRIES - each in their own mini cupcake paper??  (sorry, my mind really is in the garden today...)

Another 'UPSIDES' Petite - this one has a special twist.  It is part of what I am calling the 'NORTH SHORE' series.  Encased between the pieces of glass are bits of sea glass from one of the local FingerLakes! (yes, more dreaming of warmer days and my toes in the sand...)

This past Thursday I had Part II of The MakeShift Series of classes that I am taking from the creative Betsy of EAST STREET PINS, and I just realized that I have yet to post ANY of my finished 'creations'.  Keep in mind, it is just a 2hr session, and we ARE learning new techniques with unfamiliar materials - so it is hard to truly get creative - so cut me some slack... okay??  
CLASS I / Part I - (ice epoxy filled Bottle Caps) Pendant grape cluster; Magnet spider; Pin seaglass w/ fishy background

CLASS I / Part II -  Using a 'DAP' we pounded out bottle caps to form earrings

CLASS II- Oh, this is a SAD, SAD, PATHETIC version of a bead necklace!  We cut tin, we pounded with the DAP, we exchanged stories - learned a lot - Thank goodness, because my final project is mighty lame!  You must go to EAST STREET TIN BEAD NECKLACE to see what these beads truly look like in their true Glory!! 8-). 
I 'HAD' to go to one of 'those crafty-type stores' to pick up some jump rings to work on my Button Bracelets, and since I had a 50% off coupon I decided to check out their 'DAP Blocks'... just for the heck of it.  So in case any of you were wondering what I've been talking about  with all of this 'DAPPING' stuff ~ now you know! 
 So, now that I have the jump rings...

 I have ONE (1!) completed bracelet for SPRING STYLIN' in coral-red-white!!
(HEY- Those 'Petite-Pedestals' are kinda nice for photo shoots too!)
Now, onto some other UNFINISHED business - the REALLY.FUN.STUFF!!
(yes, you read that right - that IS PLURAL - there was not just one Rummage sale in MY WORLD, but TWO - OH.HAPPY.DAY!!)


TONS of PEDESTALS for UPSIDES DOWN - even a few Large Cakeplates!!

misc. goodies for resale - Liz Claiborne wallet, Los Angeles Pottery, OOPS Again Pyramid, New York bag, Dish drying rack, STARBUCKS mug, Retro case
Lot of ornies for future wreaths - All for $1. (despite old price stickers!!)
Just FUN to be Out on The hunt again!!!

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