Friday, March 15, 2013


   Not much I can do about the first two (Well, J DID offer to 'zap' some sand in the microwave for me... ~ always the thoughtful guy!), so I did head to the attic studio in hopes of finding some 'inspiration'.
   As I looked around I Just.Shook.My.Head .   I could easily decorate any small, 'theme' cafe or restaurant, just from the confines of my studio (ie: Mexican, Western-Southwest, Oriental, Italian, Pacific/Hawaiian...).  Wall hangings, lighting, fabrics, table accents, maybe even dress their staff - oh yeh, I could do them up Proud.  OH, this is JUST.SO.WRONG!
   I decided for my Spring Vignette I would do a 'nod' to Hawaii.  To decorate for St. Pat's would be too short lived, Easter is a 'Not Holiday' in my book, I need some BRIGHT COLOR, so Polynesian it was - perfect Mid Century!  So I gathered a box-o-STUFF, a pile-o-clothes &  some fabrics and headed back to the warmth the main house...
 Now, you 'may' (or may not) be scratching your head, wondering WHY I have all of this TIKI - POLYNESIAN Kitsch just randomly floating around my Attic Studio.  The answer: Good question!  I guess I have always been rather fascinated by this whole MidCentury phenomena, and have just picked pieces up randomly as I find them.   
 We have never been to Hawaii.  I guess it is on our 'bucket list' for someday.  Not real high on the list, but one of those places that we think we 'should' visit.  For now I am just intrigued by the history.
 Actually, the REAL INSPIRATION in all of this is that once I gathered it all together, cleaned it, admired it and accessed it I decided it was time to P.U.R.G.E. all but a few of my favorites 8-) !!
 The Mermaids are definitely keepers!
As is this funny little guy!!
Wouldn't you know it the next time we went out saling, the first thing we found was this...
It's okay though, because they made it directly to our ETSY shop without passing through the studio!!
This coming Saturday (TOMORROW - YEH!!) is opening day for my RUMMAGE SALE SEASON.  Very excited as things have been pretty boring...
Only a few small finds of late ~

Sweater Clips 2013 #3,4,5 & 6 - all duplicates 8-(
Large Copper & Silvertone Brooch $1

HAEGER 2013 #1  duplicate 8-(

Retro Enamel Flower Power EARRINGS!!!
If these earrings don't SCREAM SPRING, I don't exactly know what does!
(...maybe all I REALLY 'NEED' is a Mai Tai or TWO!!)


Rob and Monica said...

Such wonderful Tiki items!! (Rob)

Shara said...

Well, ALOHA to you! I think it is fun to make random displays and your Tiki Hawaii stuff is great. I have been to Hawaii and it is beautiful. If you want to see the beauty and be in a more quiet place, I recommend Kaui. But, if you like noise, shopping, traffic and people - go to a bigger island. I think I know the answer.....