Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 This W.O.W. (Week of Wonderful - THANKS Shara @ Monkeybox!!  Lovin' that "stolen phrase" when applied to the 'non-commercial') has found me enjoying a true bounty of heartfelt Holiday gifties!
     One of particular interest was this book
Upon opening it, you find a void space.
A 'hole in the story' if you will.
...this has unnerved me a bit as to the upcoming 2014.
I KNOW these books are meant to fit on your shelf with others and safeguard valuables, BUT...
I'm just glad that there was a 'security blanket' (of sorts) included inside!!!
VERA 2013 - #25

Another giftie that I have been spending a LOT of time researching, arranging, and admiring...

in their 'new' home.
 Hatpin Holder with 25+ hatpins from
my employers. 
  HISTORY: since '99 I have worked part-time for an old Downtown Hardware / Antique store.  About the same time the Owner purchased a "Box-Lot" of HatPins, and has given me a couple of them for birthdays and Xmas ever since for my collection.  We have always joked that 'eventually' I would have ALL of them...  Recently, they have sold the buildings and will be closing out the businesses by the end of Nov. 2014.  I receive this Xmas gift with a note "I told you that you would end up with all of them."

VERA - 2013 #26 (Barbara)
 A DEAR, DEAR Older friend who couldn't get 'out' to do her 'usual' Xmas shopping this year Found this Little Scarf tucked in her drawer from when she used to live in NYC, and she thought I would give it a good home...
(If this scarf looks familiar... I DO have one in a different colorway...)
To Finalize the 2013 TOTALS and TRI-FECTAs...
Found in 2012!!
HAEGER 2013 - #7 (matches Candle Holders #5 & #6), & #8 (Xmas gifties)

SWEATER CLIPS 2014 - # 18 & #19 ($1each)
I FOUND IN 'ALL THAT EMPTY SPACE',  after I removed 'the security blanket',


Shara said...

I'm sorry about the ending to this chapter of your life. I know it is sad and hard for you! I wish I had advice for you, but I am facing new chapters in my life too and I have NO advice. I suppose we shall just have to heed Larry The Cable Guys and GIT ER DONE. How's that for insight? :) Happy New Year to you and J!

PixieVintage said...

The book is really cool! I love the sweater clips and the hatpins. I am very sorry that the business is closing though.

Happy New Year!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

It's hard to imagine the store not being there. I'm so sorry to hear it's closing. I do hope you are able to enjoy the last few months before it's gone.