Friday, December 6, 2013


The days are starting to whirl and blurr..
 but, it's FUN isn't it?
 getting those 'toys' out that you only get to see once a year...
 ...and adding a few 'new' special - acquisitions to the masses...
Of course, should the temperature rise, to say 60° (in DECEMBER - and you live in the NE!!) -
('cause it's gonna be a long-long time before you see it again!)

Impromptu trip to the Seaglass Beach caught me 'unprepared'  -
luckily they provide BLUE bags for 'dog owners' to clean up after themselves ;-)
(I did get quite the questioning looks as I did NOT HAVE A DOG and I was
carrying the bag like it held Valuable treasures!!)
...and treasures there were!

I'm seeing more tree's and snowmen!!


Shara said...

60's, huh? I bet you are loving that! It is 19 here right now, going to be negative ONE tonight. 3" of sleet and nearly a foot of snow. What the hell is going on????????? Glad you found some sea glass. Now I must go try to find my newspaper. :D

Rob and Monica said...

Ah....the magic of Christmas decorating! Much more fun than taking them down and saying goodbye to them until next year! (Rob)