Friday, October 11, 2013

...take WARNING.

Isn't that how the old saying about 'Pink sky in Morning' goes??
 Well, it seems we have been having a LOT of BEAUTIFUL PINK SUNRISES lately... or so they appear on the surface!
I think that there should be a similar WARNING about blogs.
  Blogs created by people with LOTS of talent.
Blogs created by people who are terribly organized.
Blogs created by people with wonderful photography skills.
As an avid thrifter, I have been known to start 'picking-up' things at sales because 'they are The HOT ITEM' in blog land... 

Everyone KNOWS you can't leave a CHEAP Shiny Brite behind...

TRAIN CASE?!? a 'MUST' that I now can't live without, and before BlogLand I didn't even know they existed!!

~ N O W ~
I have really crossed over to the

Recently I was approached, and asked to be a vendor in a SMALL, Local Fall handmade Farm Market....
and I agreed.
I have never done this before.
I blame YOU Blogland!
 (Yes, 'You' KNOW who you are!!)
I am definitely dipping my toes into unknown territory...
The theme to my booth is Upcycling in the FingerLakes of NY.
VERY small show with low foot traffic - good for a newbie!!
(ie: won't need a LOT of product)
Hot-glue gun is clearing out some of the hoards of Shiny Brites as they are made into wreaths!

Trays of recently washed Sea Glass, waiting to be sorted and wire wrapped into pendants...

Hands are never still while road-trippin' or watching
TV, making PLARN Pumpkins (in a FUN new BLACK!!)

...and of course THE. PEDESTALS
~ LOTS of them, all ready to GO!!!

 is that I pass by this view from my Attic/Studio window...
I LOVE AUTUMN and I don't want to miss it!!

So, I'm still taking time out for Daytrippin' with Pals to take in the sunshine and sites...

A little MacKenzie-Childs for inspiration

(still experimenting with the new camera)

...and still 'stuffing it' , while the 'stuffing' is good...

VERA 2013 #21 .25¢

Sweater Clip 2013 #13 - seashells & rhinestones $3

Treasures! Treasures! Glass flower frog, Sarah Cov. belt, Girl Scout pins, Josef figures, Aluminum powder music box, glass heart pendant, enamel flower pin, glove clip, purse hook, travel clock, copper butterfly = $4.55 !!
Here is the FINAL (for today) testimony to the power of BLOGS...

I had NEVER held an ANNALEE doll in my hands before (or seen one in person), but while scrounging through a box of ornies at Rummage sale recently, I heard the lady next to me say to her Partner in crime "OH. MY. GOSH!  LOOK. AT. THIS. UGLY! SANTA!"  Just by the tone in her voice, I KNEW it had to be.  I turned my head SO FAST to get a glimpse of what she was referring, then held my breath that neither would take it.
  They didn't. 
 I grabbed it.
I checked the tags.
((It will be going to an E-store soon))


(I will be back with a report after 10/19!)

Consider yourselves
((this could happen to you if you read Blogs!!))


Robin K. said...

Yay for making time to experience Fall in the FL:)

Shara said...

Uh Oh. I think I have just been called OUT.


YEAH for you for doing a show! It is fun and you will enjoy it. All the hard work is time consuming, but then BAM it is over. What you don't sell is immediate store inventory for Etsy or a shop. Can't wit to hear how it goes! I'm no pro - but LMK if you have any questions.

Last thing, Annalee's are not ugly. Why do people think that???? :( I think they are great. But, you know that right?


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Woo-hoo! I hope you have a fun first-time vendor experience. I'll warn you--it gets in your blood or something and then you want to do it again, despite the nutty amount of work and stress it is to get ready. I'm excited for you!

heidi said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Have fun!! Take pics of the shoppers.... we're such a weird bunch.