Monday, October 21, 2013

One. Plarn. Pumpkin.
The grand total of weeks of work & fret
culminated into one sale.
...and such goes 'Life on The Dark Side'
we had FUN.


Shara said...

Fun is important. You said it was a very small venue with low foot traffic. Maybe you just didn't have enough of an audience? I think your displays were great and your products are wonderful. I bet you will find another location and do it again. I think once the bug bites you, it's hard to get past. Plus half the hard work is done once you figure out your displays and set up. I know you are a bit disheartened and discouraged. I thought I could have made more money at my first sale. But, when I started hearing what other people did - I did better than most. So, onward and upward! (That plarn pumpkin is adorable!)

Robin K. said...

That's one darn cute plarn pumpkin! AND you had fun during the process:)