Thursday, January 31, 2013

..."R&D" Dept.!

Sporadic - Yes.
Still - No.
I AM out there on 'the hunt'...  just haven't been posting much these days.  Lately there has been a 'method to my Thrifting madness' ~ believe it or not?!!
COULD IT BE, I am finding a 'BIT' of Focus??
OH, let's not get the 'cart before the horse' just yet!!

Inspired by recent conversations with friends about...
 * how we Love to 'create', but eventually you need an 'outlet' for your creations...  and unless you have something REALLY UNIQUE to 'your area' in a $Price$ range that is acceptable to 'your area' ~ it just WON'T FLY...  
 * then another friend looking for unique 'pedestal cake plates' to sell in their shop at a reasonable price...
 * then stumbling upon some interesting 'upcycled' ped. cake plates on PINTEREST and ETSY that struck my interest...


~ The fun part (but not as easy as I thought it would be!) searching out some suitable plates / bases at CHEAP $$ to play around with. 
Researching adhesives that would actually hold Glass to Glass!!!

Testing the strength of the adhesion... WORKS! ;-)
Finally, the 'all important' CAKE CHECK!  (Just happened to be J's Birthday last weekend) ... and we discovered this base fails miserably 8-( ... way too small base for proportion of cake plate!  (Great A. Louise's homemade Carrot Cake recipe was a winner as Always though!)
Of course, while I was out 'shopping', I did FINALLY find a bit of VALENTINE inspiration 8-).

I'll keep you posted on The Great Cake Plate Project as it unfolds - keep your fingers crossed for me 8-)

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