Friday, January 18, 2013

...who is in Your cast of characters??

 I could stand it no longer! Thursday, on my way home from work, I only had a quick 15 minutes before the Thrift was going to close ~ but I HAD to make my Maiden 2013 Journey!! A quick once-around the shop and I thought my 'stuff mojo' had abandoned me, and then I saw HER in the corner!!  Hanging there, ever-so-demurely...  She may look familiar to those of you who have read my blog for a while - MISS PEABODY's long lost twin sister!!  That was my only purchase.  Yet, somehow that was fine, and finding her a second time, was almost as much fun as finding her the first time !  Strange, because NO house 'NEEDS' T.W.O. Miss Peabody's ! (If your house 'NEEDS' one, you can find 'the twin' in our ETSY shop - complete w/ resume'!).
  With this purchase I started taking note of our arsenal of 'Photo Props', and the Cast of Characters that reside in our house... ready at whim for photo shoots and seasonal vignettes!

MADAME' CHARDONAY: Basic White, tasteful, versatile.

SARA HEAD: the name 'Sara' came written on the bottom.

 SIMON HEAD: somebodie's 60's/70's clay art project - just too bizarre to leave behind, but he looks good in a hat! 'SIMON' written on the bottom.

MISS SKANNY: Beloved vintage dress form found for only a couple of dollars at a Skaneateles Methodist Church Rummage Sale - she is with us for life - she can wear anything!

and, last... but not least...
THE HAND (kinda like Rodin's 'THE THINKER')

Am I the only one who names my props / mannequins...  kind of gives them a life of their own?
I know, I know... 'I've got too much time on my hands!'


grunge-queen said...

What a great cast of characters! Simon is cool-freaky, and I love The Hand (am always attracted to those hands for some reason!). I used to have two beautiful body forms purchased in the 90s from The Bombay Co. I gave them away when I moved overseas, and boy, do I miss them. I keep looking for a "Judy" like yours here, but the only one I've found in the local antique market is an oversize vintage body form. Will keep looking! Xo

Robin K. said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!! My favorite prop is Simon- he reminds me of some of the clay projects from high school art classes that my mother STILL uses to decorate her house:). Thanks for referring that blog to me- I spent quite a bit of time drooling over the eye candy from CHA! What a cool job the blog author has! Stay warm over the next few days. P.S. Your post has me thinking about photo props for my you ever run across vintage flower frogs in your travels???