Saturday, February 2, 2013

..."Those aren't Cake Plates!"

and my reply?
(yield from recent thrifting trip when I was 'supposed' to be hunting for Cake Pedestal supplies...)
No, they aren't!"

VERA 2012 #1 .25¢

VERA 2012 #2 .25¢

#1 &#2 individually were kinda boring, but together, their sheer-colors were quite POPPING!
VERA 2012 #3 $1.99 (yes, it was a price splurge for me, but I had never seen one with a TREVIRA label, in addition to the VERA label!)

VERA 2012 #4 $1.99 (another splurge, just 'cause!)

A nice way to bring in February 8-) !

1 comment:

acorn hollow said...

what a great haul! I have been wearing scarfs a lot lately tired of the cold air on my neck.
I love the bright colors.