Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...C'est la vie.

svelteSTUFF LIVES!....

Though if Blogger had it's way, I would have NO PHOTOS!
I Will-NOT-be-BEAT!!
These photos are strictly for 'testing' and 'daydreaming' purposes.  January has consisted of nothing more exciting than Flu and migraine meds.  I haven't even crossed the threshold of a Thrift~Junk store...
...C'est la vie.


grunge-queen said...

Aw, hope you're feeling better soon, you must be going through thrift withdrawal (I know the feeling). xo

Shara said...

Migraines - BOO!
Flu - BOO!
Back to Junking soon - YEAH!

Get better FAST!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Hope you feel better soon and are back to some fun stuff in life!
hugs, Linda

Robin K. said...

Oh Sue - you had me at "Tweed"!!!! I'm seriously going to be counting the days til his adventures grace the pages of your blog again:). Seriously though I really appreciated your honest musings about the whole blogging thing - I have often wondered the same things myself. I'm really glad I've become a follower of your blog as I know the creativity you share here will inspire my own.