Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Fountain @ Letchworth State Park
If you are anything like me, you wait until your battery light is 'flashing' (camera), you're down to 'one bar' on (on your phone), one more 'straw' will make you snap (real-life) before you take the time to RECHARGE...
'Three Clip Find' @ Thurs night Rummage - Dress Clip $1, Glove Clip $1 and Sweater Clip 2011 #4 .25¢

When I got home from the rare, 'Thursday Night Opening' Rummage Sale, and 'J' suggested that since he had some vacay time to 'use-or-lose', that we should go AWOL for a few days - who was I to argue? It has been a L*O*N*G Winter, and this girl's soul could use a little recharging!!

Friday am we were on the road by 6am for a 2 1/2 hour drive for Breakfast! Not just any old breakfast... this is a right of passage into Spring! 'The Maple Tree Inn' is only open for a couple of months in the Spring while the sap is running. My parents started going there before I was born (and still do). Just tradition. Then a drive through Letchworth Park on the way home...

J thought that I was crazy the first time I dragged him 2.5 hours away for breakfast, but now I think that he enjoys it almost as much as I do!
Of course it is always a challenge as to which route we will be able to take to get there, as the shortest route consists of mostly 'Seasonal use only' dirt roads - luckily this year, those were all open & passable!! However, you have to stay alert for what may be in your path - even on the paved roads!! Aside from the NUMEROUS deer we had to avert, we also had to stop for a HORSE standing in the middle of the road, and we were glad this 'little' guy decided to stay on the shoulder of the road!
The journey is the BEST PART!!
Royal Haeger 1970's Earth Graphic Wrap & Textured Aqua Gold Tweed? (2011 #4 & #5)

The route home always involves LOTS of stops 8-) !!!
4 VERA placemats 2011 #9

VERA Smoke-ring Silk Scarf 2011 #10 ($1)

VERA square, teal scarf 2011 #11 ($1)

...and that is just ONE day of recharging!!! I will share more another day, but now I MUST go unpack. Just a couple of more pictures to show you what was awaiting me in the mail upon return!

These two scarves just absolutely make me !SMILE! They are the epitome of VERA design! Nature! Slightly abstract! Retro Colors! This is what attracted me to VERA originally! I had better be careful though, or I am afraid that a certain person on the West Coast who has a spectacular eye for spotting VERA may be starting to get the 'bug' (or should I say LadyBug??) THANKS LeAnne!!!!!

VERA 2011 #12

VERA 2011 #13


Shara said...

I am not a lover of Vera like you are - but I do appreciate it. However - if that poppy one was the first one I had ever seen - I would have been sucked in hook, line and sinker. It is awesome! LeAnne is so NICE!!!!!

So, what do you eat at this breakfast? Pancakes? Waffles? Both? Mmmmmm.

Louise said...

Well, for heaven's sake. I don't know if I ever realized that you were in NY State. If I did, I forgot (not unusual with my memory.) I've been to Letchworth many times, and I love the place. Glad you had such an enjoyable outing.

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

Glad your back! Can't wait to hear what else you two have been up to. We had nine deer in our backyard yesterday, but no moo-moo cow! I missed all the rummage sales last weekend-too busy playing the shuffle to get the kids to all their appointed rounds. Thanks for sharing your finds. I can enjoy them and I don't have to make room for them :)

Le Anne said...

You are so very welcome! I am glad that they arrived so quickly! Shara, that poppy one was my favorite and I almost became a collector right then and there! Hugs!