Thursday, April 28, 2011


YEH! The plans are arranged, we're packing our 'shorts', Tees, boarding a big boat and crossing another thing off our 'Bucket List'!I'm putting a PLEA out there to "A.L.L." (ha~ha~ha~ha) of my avid readers...

Anyone have any suggestions for any 'MUST-DOs' on the Island???
J and I when we travel, love to explore off the beaten path ... Eat local seafood on rustic piers while watching the fishing boats bring in their daily haul ... walk for hours on deserted beaches, soaking up the sun while picking up what the tide washes in ... ~ just two Big kids (young at heart!). At the end of the day (or morning... or middle...) relax at a hole in the wall with the natives and throw back a couple (or more) libations 8-)



Tam@ToLive.ToLove.ToLaugh. said...

I hope you have a fantastic time :)

Shara said...

Your trip sounds lovely! That's what I like to do too - walk the beaches, finding interesting souvenirs that aren't actually souvenirs (tee's, shotglasses and that other tacky stuff...) and eating yummy stuff!

I haven't been to Bermuda, so I can't help. I did go to St. Thomas and I would say, stay away from the dudes with dreadlocks that walk past you saying, "Reefer?" "Reefer?" Me thinks that might be trouble!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I have no suggestions, but if you pack me in your suitcase, I'd be willing to help you figure it out as we go along :)

Have a great trip. Don't lose that beautiful luggage!