Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...Tuesday sale...how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

SWEATER CLIP 2010 #15 (.25¢)
SWEATER CLIP 2010 #16 (.25¢)

SWEATER CLIP 2010 #17 (.25¢)

SWEATER CLIP 2010 #18 (.25¢)

SWEATER CLIP 2010 #19 (.25¢)

A glove clip (.25¢) to add to my growing... 'collection?'

Yes, now that I look at the number of them that I have amassed (this is a VERY small portion), I guess it is Definitely a 'collection'.


Have I mentioned that I have a 'small' collection of those too?
I guess that would make it '7 Ways' that I love the 'chance Tuesday morning' Yard sale!! Must be my E.B.O.R. (equal, but opposite reaction) for Saturday!
Saturday I headed out early for saling, hit a couple of individual sales - struck out. Did a street sale. My ONLY purchase for a quarter was this aluminum baby cup...

I decided that there were far better / more productive ways I could be spending my time. DH was working/photographing the race at The Glen, so I was on my own schedule for the weekend! Besides, I had brought a 'stack' of 'work home from the office'...

Yeh, this is the kind of work I don't mind bringing home! (For anyone who doesn't know, I work at a Hardware/Gift/Antique Store) We just wanted some 'Attention Getters' for the sidewalk in front of the store - light sanding, quick paint job in brite colors!

But, I decided I wanted to have a little fun with the High-chair...

...and how!


Shara said...

FIVE sweater clips - you must bave been doing a Happy Dance!

Love all the chairs - the brightly colored ones would be fun outside around an old farm table. Your boss is lucky to have you!!!!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, I'm so jealous. I have a difficult time finding sweater clips around here to add to my collection.

Ahh2B... said...

Love the colored chairs. You've inspired me to get out the paint cans and find something, anything, to paint!

grunge-queen said...

LOVE the chairs - brilliant! And I have never ever heard of a purse ashtray before - shameful eh?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I missed this post so glad I scrolled down! Love your sweater clips! You lucky lady! Also the chairs, Fabulous!