Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...Mother's Day weekend Round-Up!

My Mom and I have a tradition, I don't go 'all-out' on the gift thing for Mom's Day, but we do spend a Girls Day together (after all, I am the only girl after THREE boys!!). No set agenda. Wherever the wind may take us. Food of some sort is a MUST. Usually the Friday before Mother's Day (so that she is around for when my other siblings stop by on 'THE' day!!).

So, last Friday, I set off Bright and early at 6:15am ~yawn~ for my intended arrival of 8am for coffee.

I did have one giftie to deliver. A 'special order' plarn bag. Mom had specified the colors and size.... 'but use your best judgement'. This is what I had come up with. Of course it was loaded with goodies too 8-) !! (and yes, as a mother would, she loved it!!)

Enroute for my 8am arrival, I did have to make a quick stop. A town-wide clean-up yielded these four little curbside beauties that I just couldn't drive by!! They cleaned up quite nicely.

The 'garbage-picking' didn't put me behind schedule, Mom loved her plarn bag, we had time to stop to a couple of shoppes before I took her to her chiro. appointment, we stumbled upon a Rummage sale, we did lunch, hit a couple of garage sales (no major 'finds', but a LOT of fun!), and even though it was drizzling out we decided we could get a few minutes in at the beach... hoping the weather would improve, but it didn't - thus, the seaglass finds were slim.

As I was packing up to leave, Dad told me he had the 'Cookie Cart' finished, if I wanted to take it back with me...
Isn't it WONDERFUL?!! Okay, I better explain... For those of you who have read my blog for any length of time, you know about 'The Crew' (my girlfriends from college) that I get together with every year at Xmas time for our Massive cookie baking escapade... a 20+ year tradition. We have always joked that we need one of those racks like the bakeries have for drying/cooling our frosted cookies. One of my brother's recently acquired a 5' tall stainless steel one, my Dad made some welded adjustments to it so that it will hold a dozen of those green plastic trays, and VOILA'....!
Isn't she a beaut?!!
Saturday morning I woke up to drizzling rain... bummer... no sales.... BUT, there was one Church rummage sale having their bag sale - that would have to be my 'fix' for the day.

Usually nothing 'too' exciting at this rummage sale... fill a bag for $3. First room I went to was the White Elephant room - ho~hum... Then I spotted a little Haeger Vase (2010 #15), and with some digging I found a sweater clip (2010 #7) tangled in the bottom of some baskets?!! The sweater clip is cool - I don't know if you can see it, the ends are 1957 HELVETIA coins. Okay, at this point I'm game for a bag. No photo, but I also got a Pampered Chef baker, plain Xmas balls, vintage cocktail napkins, Delft ashtray, margarita glasses, jewelry box, plastic grapes & pears, etc... Then it was over to the clothes room...

Scarves? Where are the Scarves? No scarves?!! Bummer.
Oh well. A grey, dreary day... I'm game to poke through these massive piles of clothes for a while... Really NOT expecting much, I did find some good name brands - IZOD, new GUESS & American Eagle jeans, ColdWater Creek... nothing earth-shattering, but the brands that sell well her in CNY, that I can take to my consignment shop and do well with. So, I ended up buying two more bags of clothes. As an added bonus, when I got home and was sorting through the clothes more carefully I found (1)ten, (2)fives, and (4)ones in various pockets - GOTTA LOVE THAT!! They paid me to bring all of this STUFF home!!

Sunday.... this luscious Haeger (2010 #16) came into my possession....

I'm not a 'MOM', is it legal for me to get all of this good stuff on Mom's Day weekend????


Linda said...

Of course it's legal! You have a Mom!! Love your finds and that is so funny that there was money in those clothes! Crazy! Love the Haegar vases! I love your tradition with your Mom. I had a great time with one of my daughters for Mother's Day also.

Shara said...

All that good stuff AND $24 Bucks! Wow! I won $50.00 on a scratch off this weekend. Let's get together and go thrifting! ;o)

barbara said...

Money in the pockets? That's too funny. (And if you start looking for that - boy, that could really slow you down at a sale!)

Coll said...

Sue, I LOVE the cookie rack. Ann and Kitner should be delighted. Thank you for your good thoughts for Andy's Nana.