Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...just a reminder

" 'I DON'T BELIEVE ONLY THE WEALTHY DESERVE GOOD DESIGN'," " she disagreed with the notion that fine art should be confined to walls, mounted in gilded frames. Thus, she applied her patterns to humble everyday objects such as aprons and toaster cozies, pot holders, and dish towels. Vera also thought that any subject matter, no matter how quotidian, was fair game, from eyeglasses to musical instruments to chestnuts. In her eyes, even the most mundane imagery had decorative potential. She encouraged her followers to immerse themselves in art every minute of the day and to treat it without preciousness."
"A Pablo Picasso crayon on paper hung in her bathroom, perhaps as a reminder that great art should never be treated too seriously."

The more I read about this remarkable woman - Vera Neumann, the more I'm impressed by her! (These quotes were taken from the book VERA, THE ART AND LIFE OF AN ICON by Susan Seid)


Linda said...

I want that book. She was so awesome!

Heidi Ann said...

She designed such lovely things!

Vintage Christine said...

I KNOW you never want to finish that book! Do you know that after I found that one sweater clip for you I have not come across anymore! Plus the stickpins are few and far between. Aaackk!