Saturday, August 15, 2009

... 8*15

I fear the 'dog days of summer' (defines a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progressare) upon us... Temperatures have been above 85° with high humidity for the last few days, and, though I love the heat, my motivation has plummeted! In keeping with Friday's "nothing" saling, it was a Saturday of saling with only a smidgen of interesting 'stuff'. This complete set of billiard balls w/ rack and sticks did manage to capture my attention ($3). That was it.

I did, FINALLY, get the rest of my Madison Saling finds washed and presentable. This is what my clothes line looked like this morning - just one more thing for my neighbors to quietly shake their heads and wonder about!! How could I possibly pass by this stack of 'COSTUMES 3/$1.' ? They washed up beautifully, but sadly only the two florals on the left fit.

Just to really keep the neighborhood 'quizzical looks' going, these were also on our clothesline this past week!! We don't have kids, and NO plans for any, but these Sweet Retro, ruffly butts stole my heart! Why are the 'funnest' things always in the FREE pile??

I don't want to forget - if you haven't already, stop over to MONKEYBOX and wish Shara a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Dime Store Thrift said...

Ohhhhh...the billiard balls! I am excited for you!

Shara said...

You are too sweet my fellow lover of STUFF and my friend!

Lovin' those billard balls - Of course, the 8-15 kinda got my attention! Check your mail!

misselaineous said...

the lady to my left said it right...Ohhhhh...the billiard balls! and they been played hard too! Love 'em...why?...don't know!! :o} too funny re: the stuff on the clothesline & neighbors. i just love that you can have a clothesline...when we moved out to the wilds of Lake County, my hubby said he never wanted to live in a neighborhood where you can't have a clothesline! I don't even own a choice. Florida sun can cook the proverbial egg on the can certainly dry our clothes...1 drawback...when my sons were teens, and felt the need to change clothes 14 times before leaving for school...their favorite "socks o' the day" may not have been dry and boy, did they whine! don't let anyone tell you the girls are the whiners..guys just do it in a lower vocal tone!! okay.....that's the end of my "MissE looks back on fond family times" comment for the day. LOL Great Sunday...*e*

~~Carol~~ said...

OhMyGosh! Those dresses are gorgeous, and I wish I had the guts, and the figure, to wear them! And do they still make ruffly butt stuff? I doubt it. How cute!
I'm quite sure my neighbors think I'm nuts too, and just a little prideful, because I'm always taking pictures of our house and gardens and any little treasure I come home with!

Laura said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Now what can you do with those billiard balls? Hmm.....I have some bowling balls planted in my garden....Fun and colorful find! Hope you have a great evening....stay cool!