Sunday, March 1, 2009 Market, to Market!

We had tickets to today's SU Basketball game, so you know what that means!!?

SUNDAY + SYRACUSE = MARKET (of course!!)
on our way, the OPEN sign was out at a small Flea Market - the same Flea Market where a little 'bird' had told me a VERA spotting had been made! We stopped to investigate, and to my surprise it was still there - YIPPEE! (thanks Barb!!) It is so...So...SO! VERA! A Vibrant Geometric! Happy Day - Happy Day!Our luck continued at market - A piece of Royal Haeger - no damage ($1.50)! An ECHO scarf (.25¢)! I like ECHO designs 'almost' as much as VERA, and this one is a 'Smoke Ring' style. I had never heard of this style until a couple of summers ago, when I purchased a Large box of 'new Old Stock' scarves from a long defunct local boutique. These beauties were vintage classics with original tags, and several were called 'Smoke Rings'. They are basically loops that slide over your head and 'drape like an elegant necklace'.

I also picked up a couple of 'stocking stuffers'.... soldering iron for Dad and a Raggedy Ann inspired mug for a friend who collects R.A. stuff!!


(oh, and SU won too!!)

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Shara said...

An almost Trifecta - Woohoo!

There were a few sales advertised here this weekend but it SNOWED so nothing......boohoo.