Friday, March 6, 2009

...goin' Green

It's been a CRAZY week... and this blog entry is reflecting it - what is up with these photos today?!!
(FIL and MIL were each taken by ambulance to the emergency room (on separate occassions) and admitted earlier this week - both were sprung last night. Now time to get life as I am accustomed back in order!)

Last night I realized that the stuff I had started gathering for a little festive Irish decorating, was still sitting in a pile. Still waiting... Waiting since I put away the V-day decorations shortly after the February 'Holiday'!! I decided to go with GREENS this year, as opposed to my usual orange (hey, orange is part of the Irish flag too! ...and more in keeping with my family lineage!!). VERA must be included, so I went to 'my stash'!

Oh, and what a 'sticky trap' that was!

Soon I found myself organizing by color, refolding, dreaming, redisplaying... I have now picked out VERAs to be included in three different colorways to inspire Spring/Easter vignettes, and have a stack of various shades of Green (with amber accents!) for March!

The great thing about scarves is that, though I have well over 250 VERA, they fit nicely in this FUN 12"x16"x9" zippered canvas storage box, that slides under my dresser - right next to a 'sister' box in different pattern that holds my VERA linens 8-)!!

No 'new to me' stuffs this week. Maybe today?!


Shara said...

I hope you In Laws are okay. What a stressful week!

I always wondered how many Vera's you have. Oh, if all collections could be wrangled and stored so neatly.

I'm off to THREE sales including a big rummage sale. Wish me luck!

Heidi Ann said...

Wow! But my very favorite is the one at the top!