Friday, March 20, 2009

...the Big T!

...and T! is for...
TRIPLE TRIFECTA plus TWO!! (not to be confuse with 'T', T. or TEA!)
Oh, what a sweet, sweet Vernal Equinox it is!THREE Haeger lovelies!

FIVE (that's were the 'plus Two' comes in) VERAS - 4 napkins (not her usual style by any means) and a rather calm silk scarf.

...and these THREE PRETTIES!! Oh, I am just-so-loving these!! Sorry it is such a bad photo! They represent each of my favorite 'categories' of my sweater clip collection - 'RHINESTONES' ~ 'SEASHELLS' ~ 'SILVER FRAME w/Vacation background' (???) . I don't really have a distinct title for the third group, but I have three others exactly like this, each has a different 'scene' (ie: cactus & sunset; Pine tree and lake; Palm Tree & water...)

So, you might have been thinking that 'triple' and 'trifecta' were redundant, but what else would you call THREE Trifectas in one morning???
A few other goodies were picked up to...
Sunny Yellow 50's plastic cannister set (for resale - hopefully this will pay for the morning of indulgence!!) and a sweet Pineapple pitcher for the 'Hawaiian Themed' Summer Porch!

Then a couple of quick stops to use some coupons that were going to expire shortly, and a 'cartridge return' check... Yielded me all this for FREE!!

The sun is SHINING. Now, all we need is to rise above 35°, and the day will be Complete!


Heidi said...

I am totally amazed at all the Haeger you've found lately! Especially since I've found a total of about 4 pieces EVER. Is yours all marked or do you just know the "look" by this point? Wonder why there isn't much around here?

LOVE the sweater clips!

Shara said...

Triple Trifecta - WoW! I spotted a box of pottery at a sale yesterday - the whole box was a dollar and I got SO excited. But, I regained my composure and realized that everything was very dirty (but that doesn't scare me) and every piece was cracked or reglued. There were four Haeger - but all broken. SO SAD!