Monday, March 16, 2009

...dreamin' O'Summer

SPRING HAS SPRUNG at Market! Sunday's trip to the flea market included one of 'The Crew' (friends from college) that was in town for Saturday's Syracuse St. Pat's. parade. PERFECT day at Market... sunny... not 'too' much of a hangover... outside vendors starting... and LOTS of STUFF!!!

a FUN! little Haeger BASEBALL planter ($1.)

... and a few 1960's Miller Studio chalkware wall hanging pieces to add to my collection! I DID NOT buy all of these on Sunday, but I had already cleaned & hung them before I took the photos! Ready for a tour of our downstairs 'powder room'??
-THREE LADY BUGS ($3.00 set)
TWO FLOPPY EARRED DOGS (lower left) .25¢ea
...and a PINK DUTCH COUPLE ($1.)

Last, but not least, is this pottery pitcher. Not old, but as hard as I tried to put it down, I just kept dreaming of our Summer porch, and picturing it with a BIG Bouquet of flowers... Hey, for a dollar, that a dream I'll hold on to!


Shara said...

Not "too" much of a hangover, eh?

Your chalkware collection is so much fun. And, it looks like you have plenty of room for MORE STUFF!

Sonya said...

I like how you are displaying the wallhangings, it almost looks like a border to me in the pictures! Nicely done.