Thursday, June 19, 2008

...the war of the roses!

The perimeter of the back half of our property is lined with... roses. Yes, that would be 100++ rose bushes! They were there when I bought the property. They are a MAJOR P.I.T.A. all summer (YOU try mowing around them, trimming them, keeping the wild vines out of them - NASTY THORNS!!)!
For about 2 weeks in the June, they are GORGEOUS!
As I mentioned, last weekend was another journey to my parents house to celebrate Dad's Day...
...and do a little sea glass hunting, saling, help Mom shop for Graduation gifts, saling, gardening... Did I mention that we also squeezed in a little garage saling?

A few hatpins that I grabbed at .50¢ each (!!) to add to my collection, - only to get to the check out table and be told "That will be .75¢, everything IS half price now! . And, of course, some of our sea glass booty!

At another sale I purchased this WHOLE bag of goodies for $1.10 !! It included: (15) new 25' rolls of rafia in FUN colors, (9) bottles of acrylic paints, (2) new packages of floral wires, a roll of lavender floral tape, a bottle of tacky glue, a package of stencil craft paint brushes, and pinking sheers (can you ever have enough of them??). I use rafia to tie up Fall bouquets of dried flowers that I sell, but there is enough rafia here to last me a lifetime++ - anybody out there have any good suggestions for using it??

I just realized that when the sun is shining on the roses, my Flamingo (that I had tucked into the herb bed) blends perfectly!!

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Shara said...

Oh, your roses are beautiful. I just looked at the roses yeterday at Lowe's and said quite loudly, "I wish we had some roses" and DH just a kept on a walkin. Hurumph! Do you pick them? I love to pick and make bouquets, but some people like them outside only.

Love the hat pins too. And, I am forever buying random craft supplies because I almost always think of something to do with them eventually. And, if an idea strikes me at 10:00 at night, I can usually find whatever I need in my own craft stock.

I need a faded our flamingo to go by the pink glider.