Monday, June 9, 2008

...a sea of PASTELS

I have come to the definite conclusion, that when 'saling', Friday sales provide the best output for 'resale' and 'keepers'....
a few goodies for resale: Large chenille bedspread ($1), vintage 'hanbag kit' (10¢), Norelco razors ($1.), Black tole tray (10¢), hankie edging booklets (10¢ea.), Big Eyed cat (25¢), 'Love is' frame (25¢), red tray (.5¢) and some Danish stainless steel flatware (3/.25¢)
...and Saturday is a 'non-rush' day, just for entertainment! This Saturday was almost a COMPLETE 'Sea of Pastels' - baby/kid stuff (which, contrary to some peoples beliefs - I have NO use for!!). Saturday I hit a couple of road / street sales. It was a nice morning - about 85deg by 9am - a good day for strolling and not getting in/out of the vehicle constantly!!

...and some 'Me, Me, Me!': Pampered Chef pot ($1), scrapbook stickers (10¢ a sheet), unused Java candle - smells YUMMY! (.25¢), book on tape ($1), red Bloomies bag (.25¢), 3 new boxes of Swiffer pads (25¢ ea), NEW KitchenAid black spatula ($1) and a couple of mags (10¢ea)

As for my 'saleswoman' dilemma... I think that I have ruled out the AVON line! I hit two sales on Friday where former dealers were clearing out there stock! I guess there's no money to be had in that!! Everything was CLEAN and new in sealed packages, so I grabbed a few goodies at 10¢ each, and an AVON tote out of the FREE BOX!! I think that the one lady sold to beauty supply stores also, as there were Sally Hansen and LaCross products also!

...some new colors to try out on the toes for the summer, and a couple of MUCH needed eyelash curler thingies (NO I'm not that 'hi-maintenance', just that the lenses on my eye glasses are so thick, that if I don't curl my lashes, they brush on my glasses and drive me crazy!!)


The best for last... a sweater clip! Found in the bottom of a miscellaneous box of kitchen utensils, stray plastic lids, pens and keychains!!

I ventured out to the garden this morning a 7am (80deg!) before it got too hot...
Found these two iron Japanese style lanterns for a buck this weekend - still debating on a home for them!

Look what was awaiting me! Berry Season has begun!! Strawberries are not my favorite, but they definitely do NOT go to waste!! A few summers ago, when out buying plants for the first time with DH (who is a NEWBIE to the world of gardening!) - he asked if we could buy A strawberry plant (as in 'one'). I laughed, but agreed. You see my Grandfather grew strawberries... acres and acres of them - thus the thought of ONE little plant made laugh! Well, we found a spot on the side of the house for The Little Plant... and let it go. It has now taken over the entire length of that side of the house!! As I'm not that fond of them, they get no TLC, yet yield us about a quart every year - just the right amount of the sweetest 'little' berries you have ever tasted. They will win no awards for their size or quantity, but we love them!!


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