Wednesday, June 25, 2008

...sheer ectasy!

I am a Bad Bad blogger... I had every intention of documenting the first Raspberry of the season with photo and recipe...
...I was out weeding the veggie garden adjacent to the berry patch, and while taking a break I went to inspect the berries. They usually aren't ripe until close to July 4th, but... a girl can dream! There it was - 'ONE' great big, plump, deep red berry ... calling my name. Before I could stop myself, I had snatched it, and it went directly in my mouth! No photo-op there! Oh, but it was WONDERFUL!! Sweeter than sweet. Warm from the morning sun. Let me tell you, it was a 'Better than sex' moment (and there are very FEW things that earn that title in my book ;-) !).
Can you tell Rasberries are my favorite?!!
Sending you all 'Berry Dreams'!!

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Shara said...

Now it's my turn... ARE YOU OKAY? No post in a week. Just checking!