Sunday, June 22, 2008

... some of the best things in life are FREE

...or in the case of Garage Sales, in the FREE BOX!!

My first stop Saturday Morning was at an 'UPSTAIRS' Estate Sale. It was looking kind of sketchy, but my climb to this dark, dingy upstairs apartment was rewarded!! I don't generally head directly to the FREE BOX, but this one was under a table that had lots of people surrounding it (the table that is!!) - so when I had my chance, I HAD to take it, cause I saw some 'Apron Strings' from afar.... Not '1', Not '2', but THREE vintage aprons in Very Good condition!! I grabbed those babies in a hurry!! I don't personally collect them - other than my small stash for Christmas Cookie Baking with 'the crew', but there are a LOT of gals out there in swap land that may like them some day!

In the same FREE BOX was all I ever needed to embark on my 'AVON' career - all the start-up 'motivational' 'informational' guides, books, binders, video tapes, card reference file, etc., etc... NO - I DID NOT TAKE THEM!! but, I had a Good Laugh!

Okay, I know it's dumb, but I just don't feel right taking something from a FREE BOX, without buying some stuff - so the search was on... what to buy at the estate sale of an ex-Avon dealer / very religious retired 'Clown Ministries' volunteer (lots of clown costumes & make-up) / person with weight issues (LOTS of diet books)??? Okay, I found a couple of things..Pampered Chef cookie mold (NIB - .50¢ ) and a Watkins Glen Racetrack Souvenir china plate(50¢)

At the next sale, packed with people, I couldn't believe that this sweet set was still sitting on the front table...Can you read that price tag inside of the smallest white bowl?

Yeh, I grabbed those babies in a hurry! Went off to the side to inspect - Not stained, Not chipped, No Gross smells! ??? (And, thanks to one of HEIDI's latest posts, I did NOT come home and throw them on the top shelf of my dishwasher, as I often do with garage sale finds to get them REALLY CLEAN!).

There was a line waiting to check out, so I perused some of the m-a-n-y free boxes they had. What should I find? A new candle in a Xmas tin, and.....

a WHOLE BAG ful of keyrings!!! (Shh.... don't tell! They will be heading to a sweet guy/son in a swap soon! ;) ). ☺~Sorry Shara... it just doesn't sound right calling him a 'kid' anymore!!~☺

All-in-all, not many Buys - but a good morning!! One of my favorite finds for 50¢ was this Lobster & Clam shell table cloth - in Great condition!! I also picked up a few books (including a LARGE PRINT word search for Mom's stocking!!), WEAVE-IT Loom (.10¢), new bottle of perfume, sweet grass tiny basket w/ cover, and the package with purple and gold is a NIB set of notecards from a London Gallery (.50¢).

...A 'new one' for me at the Street Sale was a kid's 'Coffee & Donut' stand. I always see the watered down lemonade stands... but this was a GREAT set-up for 8am on a cool morning. Good sized styrofoam cups, plug in heating unit (the kind with the tap at the bottom) for dispensing coffee. They were making a killing!! When I smelled the coffee, I suddenly realized that I hadn't taken time to make myself any that morning - and gladly shelled out $1 for a 12oz. cuppa Joe ( a pretty darn good one at that!).

Gotta run - off to MARKET today, and then meeting up with A to go see S.A.T.C. (Movie) - FINALLY!!!


Shara said...

You're too sweet thinking of The Bean (he's still a baby, don't cha know!). Love that tablecloth! I never take from the FREE without buying too. At my last sale this lady came running up "IS THAT FREE?" pointing at my freshly made FREE box. I said, "Yes, take what you want" and she took the whole dadgum box including the nice FREE sign I had just wasted half a Magic Marker making and LEFT! *Grumble!*

Monica said...

WHOA the pyrex for that price is sooooo cheap!