Sunday, February 10, 2019


Sunday, January 27, 2019

**DISCLAIMER:  The items that I am presenting in this blog are not an advertisement or endorsements for their original intended use!  I am merely presenting bits of oddities, past cultures, and glances of eras-long-gone!**

With that said, 

"D" Is for...

I can't remember just when it started, but for as long as I can remember I have been impressed with the cool DISPLAYS people do with Mannequins/parts!
...and so my quest for a FULL Mannequin began...
 It started simply enough... a 'hand' here, an 'arm' there...

This was by no means going to be 'easy', on a strict budget (and mind you, this was BEFORE the days of 'On-line' MarketPlaces!!).  MAYBE if I got enough 'parts' it would eventually all come together??

school art class pottery project

 The thrill of the adventures in finding each new 'DUMMY' has lead me to give each a significant 'Name' (for ease of reference!!)
cosmetology prop, having an eternal bad hair day!
 Over the years, the more unusual the Display piece, the more it needed a 'home'...
'Miss PeaBody'
Have you ever seen one of these 1950's store clothes hangers??  There is such a wide variety - this 'could' become a collection in itself (alas, we have only found this design...)

'The Journey' has been a !FUN! added bonus to this whole 'quest'...
 I remember the day niece 'L' and I were doing a community sale adventure and stumbled upon 'Miss Laurel' (named for the road where purchased!)- A FULL size Dress Form w/ adjustable height iron base!

Since that day, a few others have joined Miss Laurel!
'Miss Kitcat' -
Upholstered torso on revolving wood base
All of these 'parts' have made for FUN Display inspiration, but the 'Real Dummie' was allusive.
BonWit Teller's store closing sale in 2000, when we rescued a poor, long-forgotten display mannequin, left in a pile of parts in a corner!  We brought her home, and soon she was relinquished to a box in the basement, having been deemed a 'FUTURE PROJECT'.  Name of project: Mrs. Bonnie Teller...
and Mrs. Teller is 're-incarnated' to Sesame Shimmer!
(you can read the full HISTORY here)
SESAME SHIMMER rocking the Summer '80s' Look!!
Sesame has been a center of conversation at MANY house gatherings, and has earned her keep as SalesModel of many of our on-line items
As to be expected, she keeps inviting 'friends' over to our house...  with any luck, maybe a few will find new homes!!

My latest 'DIVING' exploits have resulted in a 'population explosion' in our home...TWO pairs of twins - Miss Crane & Miss Tommi (FULL-Sized, albeit headless!!) and Miss Waters & Miss Loo (headless torsos!)
...and this 'DIVA' is on her way to a 'professional' hair appt. (hairdresser friend repaying a favor!!)

So, do we dare ask who is the Real 'DUMMIE' in this house?!!

en JOY!


Shara said...

I love it that you have named all these fine "dummies"! I, of course, have my little Hazel, but that is all. It is fun finding new things for her to wear, and by new, I mean vintage.

svelteSTUFF said...

Shara- I miss little Miss Hazel! You MUST do a post on her soon, and show us some of her 'new threads'!! I'm still searching for some 'littles' to join our Dummy Family, and of course the 'girls' would love to have me bring home a 'Mr.' (or two!!).