Thursday, December 31, 2015


I'm sure you all remember SESAME SHIMMER. 
(For those who need a refresher: SS HISTORY.)

Recently, we decided it was time she 'earned her keep'!  
For not only have we given her a flawless complexion, a 'stunning, haute-couture wardrobe', and center stage in our home, but now she just taunts us by lounging with a martini glass (that her buddy 'Tweed-The-Elf' perches on the edge of!) in hand all-day-long!
So, as the days SUDDENLY get colder 
or rather, more Seasonable, here in the NE...

'CLEAN-OUT 2016' gets a Kick-Start...
Starting in ...The STAIRS??  who in their right minds Really has to 'purge their stairs'??   ...i do.
Wall going UP STAIRS - black hats.

ONE wall on stair Landing - Colorful hats.
One of MY 'earlier' collections.  Started in my first apt. out of college.  Displayed as a border around my bedroom on a thin rope with clothespins.  It has grown quite a bit since those days!  NOT precious hats - but LOVINGLY worn and played with at group gatherings!! 
This picture was taken the morning of our wedding (circa 2001). The peak of my 'Hat Collecting Days' -  I had requested that each of the girls in our Wedding Party select a 'Black Hat' of their liking from our wall to accessorize.

I still enjoy picking up the occasional hat, but the time has come to find some 'foster homes' for a few (you know ~ make room for MORE!)...

SOOOOO... Sesame to the rescue!

She put down her Cocktail glass.
...donned some beads...

I think that she 'WORKED~IT' quite nicely.
Yep. She's a 'KEEPER'!

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Now - take Sesame's lead - go get decked out and have a

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