Sunday, December 27, 2015

...what's in a NAME??

       As the year winds down, I guess that it is just human to reflect.  It has been quite a journey - and I would have it no other way!  Oh, I will dearly miss the loved ones and friends that we have had to say Good-bye to this past year, but would not trade the good times that we had with them in lieu of the tears for anything!  Time to make new memories.
*We still have Green Grass and even a few hardy flowers here in Central NY, but I'm recycling Old photos for this blog post, so that it isn't all.just.rambles!! *

We've been reconsidering some 'Marketing Strategies' for 2016. 
 The 'UpSides' line of Cake Pedestals was a huge FLOP (which I'm sure doesn't surprise ANY of you!!) - Oh well, you never know unless you try - right?!?  We have started making some 'Covers' for the pedestals, which surprisingly enough, sell much better!
 We're also making a series of utensils (ie: cake servers, serving utensils, coffee scoops, etc..) - that are adorned in wire-wrap & beading.  They have been a fair success in sales.  The group in whole needs a 'name'...
I'm thinking since these pieces are an extension of us, the 'name' has to have some personal connection too.
"fun way to make everyday 'elegant' "
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In keeping with  'Change' and 'Names' and 'Idle Ramble' I must relay an interesting conversation that transpired during our annual Cookie Baking weekend 2015...
It seems the 'Chateau svelteSTUFF' has been the recipient of SEVERAL truckloads of STUFF lately, from various DIFFERENT homes. (NOT that I am complaining!! - 'J' may be 'just-a-bit'...but he'll adjust!). 
 After us 'cookie-bakers' analyzing this over coffee/alcohol we have come to the conclusion that it is MUCH easier for people to part with things if they think that they may be getting a Good Home where they are appreciated.  $$ take a back seat to longevity. Odd, isn't it?
Apparently 'Chateau svelteSTUFF' has gained the reputation of having a deep respect and love for dusty relics, with a strong will to breathe life back into the forgotten, and a wide circle of friends who are willing to provide foster homes before 'throwing in the towel'...

'Chateau svelteSTUFF' has now been renamed...
'LastChance'. (*Not to worry, I don't foresee any Blog revisions in the near future!!)
Do you have the DONNA SUMMER 'LAST DANCE' song going through your head now though??? :-)
     Go here and play one NOW!!
(just come back, we'll wait!) :;_ylt=A0LEVzMQ_H9WT5cAdgtXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyYW05bXRzBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjEyNTNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Last+Chance+Donna+Summer+Song+Lyrics&fr=mcafee
To welcome any 'wanna be foster parents' - svelteSTUFFj
 etsy shop is having a 50% off SALE for blog readers ONLY!!
Just enter the code: LastChance at checkout (exp:1-29-16)

So, with this closing post for 2015,
 I'm looking forward to the New Year,
-Ready to make new Memories
-Keep loving this crazy Journey!!



Shara said...

I am working on my end of the year post and waxing nostalgia too. We have a lot of the same thoughts. A new year, a new birthday age (ACK) and on and on. I have things I need to get rid of - but that is my problem - I need them to go to good homes. Selling is a nice way to see that things go to people that like and appreciate them. But it sure fills up the garage and attic and shed and on and on......:)

Happy New Year you two cuties!

Cheapchick said...

How nice that people are offloading their treasures to you. I agree, why give it away except to someone who actually likes it.