Monday, March 2, 2015

..." it's a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood, A Beautiful day for..."


Saturday morning had us 'on-the-road' by 5:15AM!
...places to go...
...people to meet...
...things to do!
WHAT? "Minus 11 degrees" you say?!  Didn't even phase us, just put on ANOTHER layer - "Negatives" have become 'The-Norm' these days!!
  First Stop: LETCHWORTH STATE PARK (ETA: 7:30am!)

The partially frozen Falls, under the OLD Train Bridge...
It was COLD!!

These photos are all by J, except this ONE Selfie!
It was about all I could muster in the sub-zero temps!!

...but sooo AMAZING!!

We stop by here for a Photo-Shoot Every year, but this year it seemed much Grander (ie: COLDER!!)
Below are some photos for Comparison-
First is  'FOUNTAIN 2011' and in the next photo is 6'-0"tall ME standing in front of 'FOUNTAIN 2015' (for size reference!!)

NEXT STOP:  CARTWRIGHTS MAPLE TREE INN! (ETA: 8:45am to meet up with College Buddy 'L')

 I have written about this Breakfast Journey in the past, so anyone 'REALLY' Interested can read about it HERE.)

Enroute HOME, we made a Detour through Corning.
No.  We didn't stop by the Museum/Factory, but that is on our 'Summer-time' Bucket list. 
 Our Destination was:

We did NOT purchase any Lovely STEUBEN Glass, or even any PYREX (both native to this area!!)!  We did find a few 'SOUVENIRS' to take home with us though!!
2015 Sweater Clips #1 & #2, and a Hatpin - $1 EACH!!


J broke our 'NO MORE HAEGER" mantra, with this Beautiful, burgundy piece!

I have to confess, he was a STEAL @ $5, and he does fit in Wonderfully with the rest of our School!! (HAEGER 2015#1)

**In one of the Antique Store, an employee walked by me and said "For some reason I have had that Mr. Rogers' song in my head all morning" and then we both proceeded to say "It's a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood"!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Gorgeous and amazing photos of the ice and snow! Wow! I would love to see that in person and yes I'm a Southern gal and would freeze, but it would be so worth it. Love the new addition to the 'school' of fish. What a fun day!

Shara said...

Oh my GOSH that fountain is amazing - and the Falls too. Gorgeous! We have this silly housing addition with man made "twin falls" and we always go look at it when it's frozen. I would LOVE to see what you saw - so, so pretty! I love the cold, but I have to say negatives sound too cold even for me! Glad you had a journey and some junk too!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Those photos of the frozen falls and fountain are so cool! A little bit of beauty in all of that frigid cold!

Beth said...

I never think about going to Letchworth park in the cold but after seeing the falls and fountain I might have to make a trip soon. I haven't been to Cartwright's in years. It sounds like you had an eventful day around Western NY, thanks for sharing!

Rob and Monica said...

Wow! What beautiful scenery! Despite the frigid temperatures, it was definitely worthwhile to see nature in all of its frozen beauty!
The burgundy addition was a great decision! (Rob)

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, my your Haeger pieces are absolutely STUNNING!

EM said...

That fountain picture is AWESOME! And I love your fish find.