Sunday, March 22, 2015

...When it rains

I would like to say "When it rains, it POURS"...
but around here, it's just been Freezing as it comes down! (view from our back porch last Wednesday and VERY similar Sat a.m.)

Despite the weather, we have been on STUFF OVERLOAD this past week!

There was an Aunt's apt. that was being cleaned out, and we were able to take a few NICE pieces:
STARBURST CLOCK - not currently working, but we WILL find a way!!
HAEGER VASE (2015 #2) - You're allowed to bring 'certain banned things' into your home when they are from family -right?!!
and a MidCentury tension pole lamp. (The verdict isn't in yet as to whether this is a keeper?!!)

SAT. am brought NASTY weather, AND the first sign of SPRING-

nothing monumental... just a GOOD.JUNK.FIX!

some FUN bling!
a VERA scarf (2015 #1 - REALLY?! this is the FIRST?? )
a sweet Child's SWEATER CLIP (2015#4 )
~that's all!!~

Oh, and did I mention that 2wks ago J signed us up for a spot at an Antique Co-Op??  

This is our new 10'x7' "home away from home"!!


Shara said...

Family stuff is never banned. I have too much, but can't let it go. Did you name your booth? It looks great - sop bright and tropical. DAMN that snow - let's go to Hawaii!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love that clock! Lots of fun finds!