Monday, January 19, 2015

... Tale of TWO Houses.

NO 'new-old-stuff' to report.
I have been Good.
I haven't set one single foot into a thrift in 2015!!
((okay, pick yourselves up off of the floor))

So, what have I been doing with my time - you may ask... 
2015 is starting out as 2014 left off - I'm playing 'catch-up'!!  (and at the rate I'm going, 2016 should prove to be an AWESOME year!!).
Right now I'm in the middle of LOADS of non-blogworthy 'STUFF' ~ like 'catching-up' on my scrapbooking - circa 2012-2013 & 2014!!
LOTS of cleaning and hoeing out!!
BOTH of which tend to take me on many great trips down memory lane...  
I've decided that until I have 'new' stuff to blog at you about, I'll take you on some of my Memory Lane Journeys - Ready?

Quite a while back, Danielle at BLESSED SERENDIPITY posted about her DollHouse acquisition.  This post thrilled me to no end.  It was an identical DollHouse (ie: made from the same floorPlan / pattern) as MY DollHouse! 

The Year: 1971, Christmas.
For several weeks, this 4yr old was banned from going down to their finished basement - her 'Big Brother' (13yrs older) was doing 'something' down there!?!
Christmas Morning she found this 3-story dollhouse waiting for her under the tree.  Completely furnished with age-appropriate Durable-plastic furnishings, rugs & table clothes crocheted by her grandmother...
This dollhouse was played with EVERY day - through the years the furniture was upgraded, wallpaper and details added...
NEVER to be parted with!

~She grows up, move out, the Dollhouse follows her with every move~

Fast Forward 26yrs...
The 'not-so-little-anymore' girl has FINALLY completed her BFA in Environmental Design / Interiors (after many years of part-time study, while working).  Two of her girlfriends decide that as a Graduation gift she needs a 'new' House to be her first 'interiors' project.

This house was also adored.
and RAPIDLY filled.

Now, it is 2014.
43 years later.
Does a 47year old REALLY 'NEED' TWO DollHouses?
...needing the space to accommodate on-line sale Storage, consolidation was necessary.
2 Became 1.
There was no question as to which would go.
One of my Besties who gave me House #2 now has a Great Niece, just the Perfect age... and so it was HER Christmas gift from Great-Aunt-'A'!

The. Original. has been emptied, sorted, cleaned, rearranged (Oh, if only FULL-sized homes were so easy!!) and maintains it's place of honor!  ALL of my FAVORITE pieces incorporated - including the original crochet rugs, and hand-beaded chair (on the 'roof-top' studio)!

THANKS for joining me on this journey !

**I have been told 'Great Niece' "Loves her dollhouse and plays with it everyday!  Just the other day she asked her Mom if they could get some stuff to make it 'Pretty' - like carpets and curtains" !!!!!


Shara said...

Oh! I had no idea you had a dollhouse! I love it that your dollhouse has a dollhouse AND it is furnished! What wonderful memories you have there! I recently acquired that giant dollhouse and I have tons of miniatures. I don't have any furniture, so I am trying to decide -sell the dollhouse before I go all crazy finding furniture or just GO FOR IT. I'm going to go look at all your photos again. <3

Marci said...

Truly fabulous dollhouse and it is decorated fantastic. I have a big old victorian dollhouse in a box that I got at a garage sale and never put together. Your post is making me want to get that out and get going on it!

Deanies Stash said...

How fun looking at your dollhouse. It is so cute and all the memories that go with it are so sweet!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Wow it is the same dollhouse as mine except yours has doors (mine is either missing them or never had them). I love all the sweet details and I had to enlarge the photos so I could see in all your rooms. How neat that you have a new one to start decorating.