Friday, January 9, 2015

... ONE thing leads to ANOTHER!

At the beginning of the week I had trace of The Christmas decor to put away... Our 1/2 Half mannequin "Miss Kit Katt" was still adorned in my collection of Holiday brooches!  Time for a new 'outfit' for her, so off I went to my "pin drawer"...

I know.
I know.
but it is what it IS. 
I adore them all, 
and I DO wear them,
and they Actually ARE Organized! 
... Holiday in one corner

...FELINES together

...SW themes


...Stylized METALS

YES!  We need a little color ~ these shall be her next 'outfit'!!
I only had about 43 of them... (Oh, and then there is the one I wear everyday on my Winter Coat... and the one on my Bag...) YOU get the idea!
Anyway, there weren't enough to give her a COMPLETE outfit, so I gathered up my 'pin' sweater clips and bedazzled the bottom.

~And then, while I was gathering the Sweater Clips, I realized that I had numerous ones that were waiting to be added to our displays!
~Like my 'pin drawer', the sweater clips are arranged on their respective birdcages / valances by "category" (OCD? Anal?)
~While trying to incorporate the 'newbies' I decided that current space just.wasn't.sufficient!
~Off to the attic storage to dig out ANOTHER birdcage & stand!!
(because EVERYONE keeps an extra cage or 2 for 'someday' - HA!HA!)

Cage #3 is now the home to all 'souvenir' / beachy sweaterclips!

Of course, while relocating, I decided the cages ALL needed a Good Cleaning ~ so OFF came ALL of the clips!
Sorted for duplicates...
Now, all HAPPILY restored to some sense of logic.

 NO sweater clip was safe from my scrutiny!
Valance of BLING
Valance of 'GOLD'

 Even a couple of new additions to the ON ORIGINAL CARD board!!
If you have read this post to the end - you deserve a PRIZE!!  What is your guess on the TOTAL NUMBER of NON-DUPLICATE Sweater Clips-Guards currently residing in our house??  The 'closest to the clip' guess will receive One of our DUPLICATES (now, I KNOW you are excited about that - Ha!Ha!).  Winner will be announced Monday Morning (1-12-15)!
  (~OR~ if you just can't wait, we'll be listing SOME of the dup's in our ETSY store!!)



Heidi Ann said...

Oh, my - I am in LOVE with your collections and your displays, especially Miss Kit Katt!

Sheryl said...

I think that you must have about 258 sweater clips.

Shara said...

I really didn't know you collected pins and that makes me VERY HAPPY TO KNOW! I have a lot of the flower pins and I want to frame them someday. Someday, someday. I love all your sweater clips and the ways you display them. I won't guess because any and all sweater clips I find go to YOU anyway.....:)

Pat said...

Omigosh, I thought I was the queen of vintage pins, but you win. What a great collection!

I will play - I think you have 174 sweater clips.

Have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

Wow, I love your pins, especially the enamel flowers! I'm going to guess you have 200 non-duplicate sweater clips.

Lynn said...

After seeing those pictures I have to guess 288 non duplicates! Thanks for showing us you displays, they are gorgeous!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

My heart was racing at the sight of your jewellery collection. Those enamel brooches...they look amazing on display. I can't imagine how many sweater clips you have (I don't own a single one! They aren't very common here in Australia, along with the enamel flower brooches) but I'll take a stab in the dark and say 162.
Thanks for sharing, Leisa. Xx