Sunday, January 25, 2015

...Rock ~ Paper ~ Scissors!

Finally found my way back to my favorite thrifts...  dropped off a bag of clothes for donation, and came away with nothing 'blogworthy' ('cause this blog has Such.High.Standards - ya know ...ha!ha!).  The extent of my purchases were a few 'smalls' to add to my current delve into the realm of 'scrapbooking' (ie: decorative papers, stickers.  That's it.  The end.)
Do any of you scrapbook?
     I have always tried to be good and in January's cold, short days of the New Year, I would do the ENTIRE previous years' scrapbooking. 
     Well, about two years ago I was in some new phase where I thought it was futile, all of this scrapbooking.  J & I have no kids to pass these down to (not that they would want them anyway!!), the nieces and nephew sure aren't going to want them!  It's all just a BIG waste of time and space and $ that I could be doing something else with.  So I boycotted it. One small flaw to this plan (okay, maybe a couple)...
~I enjoy those few weeks of doing it.
~I enjoy looking back at the journeys these books hold .
~I REALLY don't have many $$ invested, as just about ALL of the components are thrifted (other than the photo's themselves, and a few times a year WalGreens Photo has some GOOD sales on prints!!).
~...and hey, who knows, maybe someday they will be found at a sale by some 'vintage-minded' person, who will adore them and think that they have just struck Gold for only a buck!!

     In my 'catch-up' mode (That has become 2015's mantra!), I find myself settling into a spare room upstairs for a l-o-n-g haul of Winter scrapbooking 2012-2013-2014!!  It is fun hauling out all of the neat tools-punches-cutters-papers-die cuts-stickers that I have amassed while saling and getting creative!!!

  This has been WAY TOO WORDY of a post, so I will show you our Upstairs Hall (the hallway that leads to the 'spare room turned Scrapbooking Hdq.!!) and our collection of 'chalkware' (maybe the Post Title should have been "Chalk ~ Paper ~ Scissors"?!)...
  I think that I have shown our chalkware fish on this blog before, but just in case you missed them, here they are again, in their Hallway Habitat! 

with a few mermaid mixed in!!
LOVE Mermaids in any Way - Shape or form!

Since we are talking 'chalkware', I Have to include a few pictures of our 'MISC' vintage 'Fun' chalkware that has found it's way into our home, and now forms a border around the TOP of one of our rooms.  This goes out to VINTAGE BIRD GIRL who recently posted a chalkware piece on her blog that I had never seen!

If you hadn't already guessed, this is the Tiny 1/2 bath on our 1st Floor!
It's always interesting to get 'newbies' reactions!!!

Do you see that ORANGE fish with the RED lipstick in the lower left corner???

That, single, adorable fishy (without bubbles) is what started this whole mess!!

Stay warm friends!  Saling Season will be here before we know it ~ so get 'prepared'!!!!  ;-)


Lynn said...

Love the chalkware! I do traditional scrapbooking, too not the digital that so many have gone to. I have some catching up to do but not going to happen anytime soon. We are going to Sri Lanka next month!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your chalkware collection is amazing! I love the mermaids also! I do scrapbooking but I'm downsizing and would love to share some paper and stickers with you if you are interested. Email me your address and I'll pop a big envelope in the mail to you!


Shara said...

It's like I never really knew you. I am learning SO much about you!!!!!

I started scrapbooking when TB was little. I did two books full, then I tired of it. I will be sad one day when he asks why I gave up when he was three. :( I still have all the punches and tools but I recently gave away about fifty pounds of paper - I wish I could have given it to you!

I have one chalkware Mammy notepad holder and mama/baby kitties. But that's all that I can think of.....

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a cute collection. I love to see what others collect.