Sunday, September 1, 2013


Well, That is the message I am hoping 'The Universe' was trying to relay to me, and with that we should be in for a Nice lonnggggg, melllowww Autumnnnn, after all of the PRECAUTIONARY INSURANCE I picked up this past  week ;-) !!!
I think I must have stopped to the same Estate Sale as Barbara (only AFTER her!!) on Saturday!  I ventured to the attic, and found this FUN box with assorted remnants of Halloween costumes/dress-up clothes/ vintage...  Later I learned at the checkout (where I got the ENTIRE box for an absurdly cheap price!!) that all of the shirts were vintage from Guatemala!
(I was thinking for resale, but after trying it on, and it fits to a T...)

(with this detailing on the back - kinda fun!!)

(almost an instant Halloween costume - just add sombrero and a bottle of tequila!)

(How Retro are these Ponchos?!
and the 'mini' one has these
little tiny deer on it...)

The "Crowning Glory" of my insurance though, is this little baby!!  A DEAR friend who is cleaning out, bestowed this to me, after she found out I adored orange... I tried it on, and it fits like it was made for me!  She had bought it in the early 60's when she worked and lived in NYC from Macy's - can you say

Give me your best shot,
I got you covered!!


Rob and Monica said...

You did quite well and that orange coat is so very early 60's vintage. A Pan Am stewardess would have worn that on her days off! (Rob)

Shara said...

Love that coat! It's you! I have a small blue poncho like the one you showed - my Great Grandmother bought it for me when I was three when she went to Mexico. I have the matching skirt too. Ole!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I would be rocking that orange coat too. Love the orange!

Lynn said...

All of them are nice but the orange coat - to die for!

Kelly Jackson said...

OMG! Love the coat, what a beaut - and what a friend! And the Guatemalan pieces are great. I am so grooving on ethnic stuff like that these days. Xo

Lara said...

OMG. That orange coat. I'm speechless! Gorgeous!