Tuesday, September 17, 2013

...COULD IT BE?!?!!

It's been a fun End-O-Summer at svelteSTUFF...
we've been having all kinds of 'Brushes with stardom' (ha,ha!!)
 A sighting of the Weiner Mobile!

Danielle and Frank!!
(Danielle is a GREAT public speaker, Frank..., well...)
...and yesterday we mailed off an Etsy package of our very own Japanese Lanterns to a 'Barbara Walters'...
Could it be????
Part of the address was 30K, and the zip code was 'NY 10013' - the same as that of the 'TODAY SHOW' (and they have just remodeled their interior to a flashy retro ORANGE!!)
Not sure WHICH was THE.MOST. exciting B-)!


Shara said...

Well aren't you special! I never watch The View, but I might have to look to see if those Japanese lanterns make an appearance! That's funny that you saw Frank and Danielle - turns out Mike was in town HERE this weekend, but I didn't know it until after the fact. Would love to have had a Photo Op with a Picker.

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I love American Pickers. Barbara Walters, not as much, but if she likes your Japanese lanterns, then she has good taste. They are gorgeous.

Robin K. said...

Geez! Now I'll be forced to tune into The View!!! We saw Danielle but not Frank- loved all her "tats".

Rob and Monica said...

ha ha! The wienermobile, Frank and Danielle and a present for Barbara Walters! The stars were in your eyes! (Rob)