Thursday, September 19, 2013 the light

Did anyone catch a glimpse of the FULL HARVEST MOON last night?!??

 J just gifted me with a Canon Powershot G12!! It is a BEAUTY, but I have MUCH to learn!!
 (rest in peace Powershot A95... you served me well.)

By the light of the moon, I had my first (of hopefully many) lessons on my 'NEW' camera!
As for 'stuff'??
Last Saturday was the first of the Fall Rummage Season - nothing remarkable, nor even photo worthy!  On the way home from the Church Sale, I did happen upon a couple of yard sale which produced...
VERA 2013 #18 (.99¢)
FIRST since...  JUNE?!!

Sweet. Sleet. Stylin'.
Vintage. Violin case!
(or 'Pet Coffin' I like to taunt J!)
Not a LOT, but 'GOOD STUFF' (in my book anyway!!)


Lynn said...

I was at my granddaughter's soft ball game and we got done just as it was looking it's biggest! Love the datura trumpet flowers. We have two plants in pots in our back yard. They reseed for us every year. Nice pictures with you new camera. Have fun learning with it!

Robin K. said...

I'd say you're a quick learner! I know who I can "consult" with now if I ever get a new one:).