Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...sorry sales, step aside ~


First harvest from our tiny tree yielded TWO large industrial metal mixing bowls F.U.L.L.!!  (Yes, we did end up giving half away!).  There is LOTS more to come, too!

*For those not familiar with Mulberries, they are simple to harvest, just lay a large sheet down under a branch and shake - the ripe ones drop off!  Move sheet, Repeat...  Move sheet, Repeat... NO THORNS!!  Just have to sort and cull the 'droppings'.*
It has always been a struggle to beat the birds, squirrels and rain ~ but this year we learned that there are others who are also VERY FOND of the little morsels!

We watched this lady for about 40 minutes - J with his Canon, I with the spotlight - as she happily munched on the dropped berries we had left behind!


Rob and Monica said...

Wow! Having the deer visit was well worth sacrificing some mulberries! (Rob)

Shara said...

We have a mulberry tree, but I haven't even looked at it this year. Usually the birds pick it clean. Our blackberries are thick, so maybe the mulberries are too.

Lynn said...

Great picture!

Robin K. said...

What a great pic of the deer!! Never had mulberries before-I'm adding them to my list (along with elderberry pie!) of foods I need to try:). I had some problems leaving a comment on your last post - for some reason blogger wouldn't allow it:(. Your flowers are gorgeous! Must be very satisfying creating such beautiful arrangements! P.S. This rain NEEDS to stop!!!