Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...woriking my 'Bingo Wings' on the First Day-O-Spring!

I personally was unfamiliar with it, until my dear niece made reference - being in my midforties, and ever self-concious about wearing sleeveless tops in public... just picturing those old ladies, waving their arms, yelling BINGO.... oh, I ((shudder))...
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This photo is of our herb bed. Surrounding the herb bed is a border of wine bottles - don't ask. Just don't ask.
Every Spring they look like this from the past Winter's freezing and thawing of the ground. So, while the ground is still soggy, I go out with my rubber mallet, straighten them all back up, and pound them back in, nice-n-neat...but let me tell you...
Who needs a gym, when you have a yard and a garden??
(and that lounger calling my name is REALLY annoying on this 80deg day!!)

AND, in HAPPY news ~ I have my car home again!!!
which means...

VERA 2012 #6 .52¢
Sweater Clip 2012 #2


Shara said...


Oh, don't ask, I forgot......:D

All my junk in the yard is wonky and disheveled. I need to get some dirt and flowers and fill up all my buckets, pots and boxes so it will no long look like Sanford and Son's.

I saw you in that vintage dress I sent you - you, my dear, DO NOT have BINGO wings!

misselaineous said...

Haaa! I call those "things" Granny flaps...I have been doing so much yard work, I should have biceps like J-Lo..and NO granny flaps...or bingo wings or...muffin tops...or...or. Oh well, keep diggin' *e*

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I love to see that garden getting back into shape! You have the best most relaxing and enjoyable yard! Can't wait to visit it (and you) before too long.

Oh, and I KNOW where you got those bottles :)

Tammy's in Love said...

That sweater clip is a BINGO! All the rhinestones appear to be there and...it's PINK! You Lucky Girl!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I will share scone recipes!