Sunday, March 25, 2012 and red chips!

Weather is beyond B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. in the NE!
I have my car back!
First rummage saleS of the season were lined up for Saturday!
Could Friday POSSIBLY have gotten any better??

Friday I hit a couple of my usual Stuff Stops, but I just.wasn' - that Big Golden Ball in the sky that I haven't seen for Oh-so-long was calling my name to be OUTSIDE!! I had the urge to go explore. I drove just a short ways, parked and took off on foot for a hike by a nearby lake. Right under my nose, all of these years, I hit the Jackpot! Blues AND a RED (T.H.E. most coveted!) - no, of course I'm not talking stocks or even Casino chips - you KNOW I'm talking about My beloved Seaglass...
Saturday... Saturday... Decisions. Decisions. Darned churches messed up. Two of them had their Season openers on The SAME DAY! What were they thinking? Which do I go to? They both have long waiting lines so the 'GOOD' stuff will be gone in the first half hour... hmmm... one I found the Tiffany bracelet at last year.... hmmm... the other I found a VERA top at last year... hmmm...
Okay, suspense is killing you, isn't it?
Tiffany Bracelet Sale. (local sale, and with gas at $3.89/GA...)

No 'Tiffany Bracelets' this year, but for just over $5.00 I came away with TONS of other goodies!!!

*HUGE stack of New colored tissue paper for packing & shipping (25¢),*'Thirst Extinguisher' vintage drink mixer (I thought it would be good for resale...DUD, into Garage Sale Box it goes.),*Vintage linen tablecloth (doesn't fit any of my tables, but cool graphics, so to the ETSY shop it went)...

*One of my treasured Bennington Tall trigger mugs (.25¢ already washed and in the cupboard), *Canon Camera Case (J put me on the lookout for one for his new 'little' camera - no fit- garage sale bound), *New Tommy Hilfiger wallet (intended for resale, again a DUD, -gs bound), *New Brighton LadyBug Wallet (YEH! resale bound), *New Italy Sterling charm bracelet (.50¢ why do these people get rid of this jewelry?? Oh well, looks nice on MY wrist!), *2 Rhinestone pins, *bronze bracelet.
and yes, then OF COURSE, I did drive over to the other rummage sale to see what was left - not much. I got a few little things. NOTHING photo worthy, so I'll leave you with this 8-)

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Shara said...

That seaglass it beautiful. How do you display it? In jars? I would go nuts if I ever got to go looking for sea glass. Bucket list!

Nice finds. I've been finding more for reselling than for ME lately. Reselling is fun, but I have to find myself a treat every once in a while to make it FUN. Yesterday, I found things for ME!