Saturday, March 31, 2012

...Black Orchid Rehab.

It had good lineage - Crabtree & Evelyn, Savannah Gardens, clockworks by Roger Lascelles of London... 'Cottage Chic' pattern... apparently 'NOT!' the 'in' thing right now... guess what? 'NOT' my taste / decor either, so into the GS (garage sale) box it went...
Wouldn't you know it, I knocked one of my beloved ceramic clocks off the wall one day (again, don't ask!!) - smashing it beyond repair, and out of necessity (before J & I could find a replacement that we BOTH liked)... voila' 'SAVANNAH GARDENS' reappeared - Ugh!

I decided that I could live with Savannah Gardens NO LONGER! My recent Sea Glassing expedition had inspired me! My recent FREE QUART of Randomly selected 'Black Orchid' paint from that ((OTHER)) hardware store (when you work for a small hardware, you aren't allowed to mention competitors) - selected purely for it's name, with no future purpose in mind, but I KNEW that I would find one!! They all had me Inspired and Motivated - I was on a mission!!
I sorted sea glass.
I painted 'The' Garden.
I adhered some seaglass.
but, maybe, a little bit more...
Glue hasn't dried completely clear yet,
but I'm NOT missing THAT garden at all!


ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

FABULOUS! I love it. Truth be told, I liked in in all three phases (gargen, paint & glass) but the glass is soooooo you! I hope it brings a smile to your face every time you check the time.

Shara said...

It is VERY Sue. And that is great!

JunqueMagnet said...

OH I do love me some sea glass. Swoon! Hey, you are one of the lucky winners of my Gorilla Glue giveaway. Drop me an e-mail with shipping info (no PO boxes, US only) so we can get your prize package out. Congrats!